kvm-unit-tests on macOS

The tests can be used to validate TCG or HVF accel on macOS.


GNU getopt and coreutils should be installed prior to building and running the tests. They're available in homebrew:

$ brew install coreutils
$ brew install gnu-getopt

A cross-compiler with ELF support is required to build kvm-unit-tests on macOS.

Pre-built cross-compiler

Binary packages of ELF cross-compilers for i386 and x86_64 target can be installed from homebrew:

$ brew install i686-elf-gcc
$ brew install x86_64-elf-gcc

Make enhanced getopt available in the current shell session:

export PATH="/usr/local/opt/gnu-getopt/bin:$PATH"

Then, 32-bit x86 tests can be built like that:

$ ./configure \
  --arch=i386 \
$ make -j $(nproc)

64-bit x86 tests can be built likewise:

$ ./configure \
  --arch=x86_64 \
$ make -j $(nproc)

Out-of-tree build can be used to make tests for both architectures simultaneously in separate build directories.

Building cross-compiler from source

An alternative is to build cross-compiler toolchain from source using crosstool-ng. The latest released version of crosstool-ng can be installed using homebrew:

$ brew install crosstool-ng

A case-sensitive APFS/HFS+ volume has to be created using Disk Utility as a build and installation directory for the cross-compiler. Please see Apple documentation for details.

Assuming the case-sensitive volume is named /Volumes/BuildTools, the cross-compiler can be built and installed there:

$ X_BUILD_DIR=/Volumes/BuildTools/ct-ng-build
$ X_INSTALL_DIR=/Volumes/BuildTools/x-tools
$ mkdir $X_BUILD_DIR
$ ct-ng -C $X_BUILD_DIR x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu

Once compiled, the cross-compiler can be used to build the tests:

$ ./configure \
  --arch=x86_64 \
$ make -j $(nproc)