Merge tag 'mips_5.10' of git://

Pull MIPS updates from Thomas Bogendoerfer:

 - removed support for PNX833x alias NXT_STB22x

 - included Ingenic SoC support into generic MIPS kernels

 - added support for new Ingenic SoCs

 - converted workaround selection to use Kconfig

 - replaced old boot mem functions by memblock_*

 - enabled COP2 usage in kernel for Loongson64 to make use
   of 16byte load/stores possible

 - cleanups and fixes

* tag 'mips_5.10' of git:// (92 commits)
  MIPS: DEC: Restore bootmem reservation for firmware working memory area
  MIPS: dec: fix section mismatch
  bcm963xx_tag.h: fix duplicated word
  mips: ralink: enable zboot support
  MIPS: cpu-probe: remove MIPS_CPU_BP_GHIST option bit
  MIPS: cpu-probe: introduce exclusive R3k CPU probe
  MIPS: cpu-probe: move fpu probing/handling into its own file
  MIPS: replace add_memory_region with memblock
  MIPS: Loongson64: Clean up numa.c
  MIPS: Loongson64: Select SMP in Kconfig to avoid build error
  mips: octeon: Add Ubiquiti E200 and E220 boards
  MIPS: SGI-IP28: disable use of ll/sc in kernel
  MIPS: tx49xx: move tx4939_add_memory_regions into only user
  MIPS: pgtable: Remove used PAGE_USERIO define
  MIPS: alchemy: Share prom_init implementation
  MIPS: alchemy: Fix build breakage, if TOUCHSCREEN_WM97XX is disabled
  MIPS: process: include exec.h header in process.c
  MIPS: process: Add prototype for function arch_dup_task_struct
  MIPS: idle: Add prototype for function check_wait