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Device tree bindings for Atmel capacitive touch device, typically
an Atmel touch sensor connected to AtmegaXX MCU running firmware
based on Qtouch library.
The node for this device must be a child of a I2C controller node, as the
device communicates via I2C.
Required properties:
compatible: Must be "atmel,captouch".
reg: The I2C slave address of the device.
interrupts: Property describing the interrupt line the device
is connected to. The device only has one interrupt
linux,keycodes: Specifies an array of numeric keycode values to
be used for reporting button presses. The array can
contain up to 8 entries.
Optional properties:
autorepeat: Enables the Linux input system's autorepeat
feature on the input device.
atmel-captouch@51 {
compatible = "atmel,captouch";
reg = <0x51>;
interrupt-parent = <&tlmm>;
interrupts = <67 IRQ_TYPE_EDGE_FALLING>;
linux,keycodes = <BTN_0>, <BTN_1>,
<BTN_2>, <BTN_3>,
<BTN_4>, <BTN_5>,
<BTN_6>, <BTN_7>;