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Required properties:
- compatible: Compatible property value should be "ti,nspire-keypad".
- reg: Physical base address of the peripheral and length of memory mapped
- interrupts: The interrupt number for the peripheral.
- scan-interval: How often to scan in us. Based on a APB speed of 33MHz, the
maximum and minimum delay time is ~2000us and ~500us respectively
- row-delay: How long to wait before scanning each row.
- clocks: The clock this peripheral is attached to.
- linux,keymap: The keymap to use
(see Documentation/devicetree/bindings/input/matrix-keymap.txt)
Optional properties:
- active-low: Specify that the keypad is active low (i.e. logical low signifies
a key press).
input {
compatible = "ti,nspire-keypad";
reg = <0x900E0000 0x1000>;
interrupts = <16>;
scan-interval = <1000>;
row-delay = <200>;
clocks = <&apb_pclk>;
linux,keymap = <
0x0000001c 0x0001001c 0x00040039
0x0005002c 0x00060015 0x0007000b
0x0008000f 0x0100002d 0x01010011
0x0102002f 0x01030004 0x01040016
0x01050014 0x0106001f 0x01070002
0x010a006a 0x02000013 0x02010010
0x02020019 0x02030007 0x02040018
0x02050031 0x02060032 0x02070005
0x02080028 0x0209006c 0x03000026
0x03010025 0x03020024 0x0303000a
0x03040017 0x03050023 0x03060022
0x03070008 0x03080035 0x03090069
0x04000021 0x04010012 0x04020020
0x0404002e 0x04050030 0x0406001e
0x0407000d 0x04080037 0x04090067
0x05010038 0x0502000c 0x0503001b
0x05040034 0x0505001a 0x05060006
0x05080027 0x0509000e 0x050a006f
0x0600002b 0x0602004e 0x06030068
0x06040003 0x0605006d 0x06060009
0x06070001 0x0609000f 0x0708002a
0x0709001d 0x070a0033 >;