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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0-only */
* Copyright (c) 2014 The Linux Foundation. All rights reserved.
#ifndef __MDP5_CTL_H__
#define __MDP5_CTL_H__
#include "msm_drv.h"
* CTL Manager prototypes:
* mdp5_ctlm_init() returns a ctlm (CTL Manager) handler,
* which is then used to call the other mdp5_ctlm_*(ctlm, ...) functions.
struct mdp5_ctl_manager;
struct mdp5_ctl_manager *mdp5_ctlm_init(struct drm_device *dev,
void __iomem *mmio_base, struct mdp5_cfg_handler *cfg_hnd);
void mdp5_ctlm_hw_reset(struct mdp5_ctl_manager *ctlm);
void mdp5_ctlm_destroy(struct mdp5_ctl_manager *ctlm);
* CTL prototypes:
* mdp5_ctl_request(ctlm, ...) returns a ctl (CTL resource) handler,
* which is then used to call the other mdp5_ctl_*(ctl, ...) functions.
struct mdp5_ctl *mdp5_ctlm_request(struct mdp5_ctl_manager *ctlm, int intf_num);
int mdp5_ctl_get_ctl_id(struct mdp5_ctl *ctl);
struct mdp5_interface;
struct mdp5_pipeline;
int mdp5_ctl_set_pipeline(struct mdp5_ctl *ctl, struct mdp5_pipeline *p);
int mdp5_ctl_set_encoder_state(struct mdp5_ctl *ctl, struct mdp5_pipeline *p,
bool enabled);
int mdp5_ctl_set_cursor(struct mdp5_ctl *ctl, struct mdp5_pipeline *pipeline,
int cursor_id, bool enable);
int mdp5_ctl_pair(struct mdp5_ctl *ctlx, struct mdp5_ctl *ctly, bool enable);
#define MAX_PIPE_STAGE 2
* mdp5_ctl_blend() - Blend multiple layers on a Layer Mixer (LM)
* @stage: array to contain the pipe num for each stage
* @stage_cnt: valid stage number in stage array
* @ctl_blend_op_flags: blender operation mode flags
* Note:
* CTL registers need to be flushed after calling this function
* (call mdp5_ctl_commit() with mdp_ctl_flush_mask_ctl() mask)
int mdp5_ctl_blend(struct mdp5_ctl *ctl, struct mdp5_pipeline *pipeline,
enum mdp5_pipe stage[][MAX_PIPE_STAGE],
enum mdp5_pipe r_stage[][MAX_PIPE_STAGE],
u32 stage_cnt, u32 ctl_blend_op_flags);
* mdp_ctl_flush_mask...() - Register FLUSH masks
* These masks are used to specify which block(s) need to be flushed
* through @flush_mask parameter in mdp5_ctl_commit(.., flush_mask).
u32 mdp_ctl_flush_mask_lm(int lm);
u32 mdp_ctl_flush_mask_pipe(enum mdp5_pipe pipe);
u32 mdp_ctl_flush_mask_cursor(int cursor_id);
u32 mdp_ctl_flush_mask_encoder(struct mdp5_interface *intf);
/* @flush_mask: see CTL flush masks definitions below */
u32 mdp5_ctl_commit(struct mdp5_ctl *ctl, struct mdp5_pipeline *pipeline,
u32 flush_mask, bool start);
u32 mdp5_ctl_get_commit_status(struct mdp5_ctl *ctl);
#endif /* __MDP5_CTL_H__ */