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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0 OR BSD-3-Clause */
* CCS static data in-memory data structure definitions
* Copyright 2019--2020 Intel Corporation
#ifndef __CCS_DATA_H__
#define __CCS_DATA_H__
#include <linux/types.h>
struct device;
* struct ccs_data_block_version - CCS static data version
* @version_major: Major version number
* @version_minor: Minor version number
* @date_year: Year
* @date_month: Month
* @date_day: Day
struct ccs_data_block_version {
u16 version_major;
u16 version_minor;
u16 date_year;
u8 date_month;
u8 date_day;
* struct ccs_reg - CCS register value
* @addr: The 16-bit address of the register
* @len: Length of the data
* @value: Data
struct ccs_reg {
u16 addr;
u16 len;
u8 *value;
* struct ccs_if_rule - CCS static data if rule
* @addr: Register address
* @value: Register value
* @mask: Value applied to both actual register value and @value
struct ccs_if_rule {
u16 addr;
u8 value;
u8 mask;
* struct ccs_frame_format_desc - CCS frame format descriptor
* @pixelcode: The pixelcode; CCS_DATA_BLOCK_FFD_PIXELCODE_*
* @value: Value related to the pixelcode
struct ccs_frame_format_desc {
u8 pixelcode;
u16 value;
* struct ccs_frame_format_descs - A series of CCS frame format descriptors
* @num_column_descs: Number of column descriptors
* @num_row_descs: Number of row descriptors
* @column_descs: Column descriptors
* @row_descs: Row descriptors
struct ccs_frame_format_descs {
u8 num_column_descs;
u8 num_row_descs;
struct ccs_frame_format_desc *column_descs;
struct ccs_frame_format_desc *row_descs;
* struct ccs_pdaf_readout - CCS PDAF data readout descriptor
* @pdaf_readout_info_order: PDAF readout order
* @ffd: Frame format of PDAF data
struct ccs_pdaf_readout {
u8 pdaf_readout_info_order;
struct ccs_frame_format_descs *ffd;
* struct ccs_rule - A CCS static data rule
* @num_if_rules: Number of if rules
* @if_rules: If rules
* @num_read_only_regs: Number of read-only registers
* @read_only_regs: Read-only registers
* @num_manufacturer_regs: Number of manufacturer-specific registers
* @manufacturer_regs: Manufacturer-specific registers
* @frame_format: Frame format
* @pdaf_readout: PDAF readout
struct ccs_rule {
size_t num_if_rules;
struct ccs_if_rule *if_rules;
size_t num_read_only_regs;
struct ccs_reg *read_only_regs;
size_t num_manufacturer_regs;
struct ccs_reg *manufacturer_regs;
struct ccs_frame_format_descs *frame_format;
struct ccs_pdaf_readout *pdaf_readout;
* struct ccs_pdaf_pix_loc_block_desc - PDAF pixel location block descriptor
* @block_type_id: Block type identifier, from 0 to n
* @repeat_x: Number of times this block is repeated to right
struct ccs_pdaf_pix_loc_block_desc {
u8 block_type_id;
u16 repeat_x;
* struct ccs_pdaf_pix_loc_block_desc_group - PDAF pixel location block
* descriptor group
* @repeat_y: Number of times the group is repeated down
* @num_block_descs: Number of block descriptors in @block_descs
* @block_descs: Block descriptors
struct ccs_pdaf_pix_loc_block_desc_group {
u8 repeat_y;
u16 num_block_descs;
struct ccs_pdaf_pix_loc_block_desc *block_descs;
* struct ccs_pdaf_pix_loc_pixel_desc - PDAF pixel location block descriptor
* @pixel_type: Type of the pixel; CCS_DATA_PDAF_PIXEL_TYPE_*
* @small_offset_x: offset X coordinate
* @small_offset_y: offset Y coordinate
struct ccs_pdaf_pix_loc_pixel_desc {
u8 pixel_type;
u8 small_offset_x;
u8 small_offset_y;
* struct ccs_pdaf_pix_loc_pixel_desc_group - PDAF pixel location pixel
* descriptor group
* @num_descs: Number of descriptors in @descs
* @descs: PDAF pixel location pixel descriptors
struct ccs_pdaf_pix_loc_pixel_desc_group {
u8 num_descs;
struct ccs_pdaf_pix_loc_pixel_desc *descs;
* struct ccs_pdaf_pix_loc - PDAF pixel locations
* @main_offset_x: Start X coordinate of PDAF pixel blocks
* @main_offset_y: Start Y coordinate of PDAF pixel blocks
* @global_pdaf_type: PDAF pattern type
* @block_width: Width of a block in pixels
* @block_height: Heigth of a block in pixels
* @num_block_desc_groups: Number of block descriptor groups
* @block_desc_groups: Block descriptor groups
* @num_pixel_desc_grups: Number of pixel descriptor groups
* @pixel_desc_groups: Pixel descriptor groups
struct ccs_pdaf_pix_loc {
u16 main_offset_x;
u16 main_offset_y;
u8 global_pdaf_type;
u8 block_width;
u8 block_height;
u16 num_block_desc_groups;
struct ccs_pdaf_pix_loc_block_desc_group *block_desc_groups;
u8 num_pixel_desc_grups;
struct ccs_pdaf_pix_loc_pixel_desc_group *pixel_desc_groups;
* struct ccs_data_container - In-memory CCS static data
* @version: CCS static data version
* @num_sensor_read_only_regs: Number of the read-only registers for the sensor
* @sensor_read_only_regs: Read-only registers for the sensor
* @num_sensor_manufacturer_regs: Number of the manufacturer-specific registers
* for the sensor
* @sensor_manufacturer_regs: Manufacturer-specific registers for the sensor
* @num_sensor_rules: Number of rules for the sensor
* @sensor_rules: Rules for the sensor
* @num_module_read_only_regs: Number of the read-only registers for the module
* @module_read_only_regs: Read-only registers for the module
* @num_module_manufacturer_regs: Number of the manufacturer-specific registers
* for the module
* @module_manufacturer_regs: Manufacturer-specific registers for the module
* @num_module_rules: Number of rules for the module
* @module_rules: Rules for the module
* @sensor_pdaf: PDAF data for the sensor
* @module_pdaf: PDAF data for the module
* @license_length: Lenght of the license data
* @license: License data
* @end: Whether or not there's an end block
* @backing: Raw data, pointed to from elsewhere so keep it around
struct ccs_data_container {
struct ccs_data_block_version *version;
size_t num_sensor_read_only_regs;
struct ccs_reg *sensor_read_only_regs;
size_t num_sensor_manufacturer_regs;
struct ccs_reg *sensor_manufacturer_regs;
size_t num_sensor_rules;
struct ccs_rule *sensor_rules;
size_t num_module_read_only_regs;
struct ccs_reg *module_read_only_regs;
size_t num_module_manufacturer_regs;
struct ccs_reg *module_manufacturer_regs;
size_t num_module_rules;
struct ccs_rule *module_rules;
struct ccs_pdaf_pix_loc *sensor_pdaf;
struct ccs_pdaf_pix_loc *module_pdaf;
size_t license_length;
char *license;
bool end;
void *backing;
int ccs_data_parse(struct ccs_data_container *ccsdata, const void *data,
size_t len, struct device *dev, bool verbose);
#endif /* __CCS_DATA_H__ */