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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0-only */
* Copyright (c) 2012-2020, The Linux Foundation. All rights reserved.
#ifndef _DP_HPD_H_
#define _DP_HPD_H_
//#include <linux/usb/usbpd.h>
#include <linux/types.h>
#include <linux/device.h>
enum plug_orientation {
* struct dp_usbpd - DisplayPort status
* @orientation: plug orientation configuration
* @low_pow_st: low power state
* @adaptor_dp_en: adaptor functionality enabled
* @multi_func: multi-function preferred
* @usb_config_req: request to switch to usb
* @exit_dp_mode: request exit from displayport mode
* @hpd_high: Hot Plug Detect signal is high.
* @hpd_irq: Change in the status since last message
* @alt_mode_cfg_done: bool to specify alt mode status
* @debug_en: bool to specify debug mode
* @connect: simulate disconnect or connect for debug mode
struct dp_usbpd {
enum plug_orientation orientation;
bool low_pow_st;
bool adaptor_dp_en;
bool multi_func;
bool usb_config_req;
bool exit_dp_mode;
bool hpd_high;
bool hpd_irq;
bool alt_mode_cfg_done;
bool debug_en;
int (*connect)(struct dp_usbpd *dp_usbpd, bool hpd);
* struct dp_usbpd_cb - callback functions provided by the client
* @configure: called by usbpd module when PD communication has
* been completed and the usb peripheral has been configured on
* dp mode.
* @disconnect: notify the cable disconnect issued by usb.
* @attention: notify any attention message issued by usb.
struct dp_usbpd_cb {
int (*configure)(struct device *dev);
int (*disconnect)(struct device *dev);
int (*attention)(struct device *dev);
* dp_hpd_get() - setup hpd module
* @dev: device instance of the caller
* @cb: struct containing callback function pointers.
* This function allows the client to initialize the usbpd
* module. The module will communicate with HPD module.
struct dp_usbpd *dp_hpd_get(struct device *dev, struct dp_usbpd_cb *cb);
int dp_hpd_register(struct dp_usbpd *dp_usbpd);
void dp_hpd_unregister(struct dp_usbpd *dp_usbpd);
int dp_hpd_connect(struct dp_usbpd *dp_usbpd, bool hpd);
#endif /* _DP_HPD_H_ */