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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0 */
* Copyright(c) 2007 - 2011 Realtek Corporation. All rights reserved.
#ifndef _RTW_MP_H_
#define _RTW_MP_H_
#define MAX_MP_XMITBUF_SZ 2048
struct mp_xmit_frame {
struct list_head list;
struct pkt_attrib attrib;
struct sk_buff *pkt;
int frame_tag;
struct adapter *padapter;
uint mem[(MAX_MP_XMITBUF_SZ >> 2)];
struct mp_wiparam {
u32 bcompleted;
u32 act_type;
u32 io_offset;
u32 io_value;
struct mp_tx {
u8 stop;
u32 count, sended;
u8 payload;
struct pkt_attrib attrib;
/* struct tx_desc desc; */
/* u8 resvdtx[7]; */
u8 desc[TXDESC_SIZE];
u8 *pallocated_buf;
u8 *buf;
u32 buf_size, write_size;
void *PktTxThread;
#define MP_MAX_LINES 1000
#define MP_MAX_LINES_BYTES 256
typedef void (*MPT_WORK_ITEM_HANDLER)(void *Adapter);
struct mpt_context {
/* Indicate if we have started Mass Production Test. */
bool bMassProdTest;
/* Indicate if the driver is unloading or unloaded. */
bool bMptDrvUnload;
struct timer_list MPh2c_timeout_timer;
/* Event used to sync H2c for BT control */
bool MptH2cRspEvent;
bool MptBtC2hEvent;
bool bMPh2c_timeout;
/* 8190 PCI does not support NDIS_WORK_ITEM. */
/* Work Item for Mass Production Test. */
/* NDIS_WORK_ITEM MptWorkItem; */
/* RT_WORK_ITEM MptWorkItem; */
/* Event used to sync the case unloading driver and MptWorkItem is still in progress. */
/* NDIS_EVENT MptWorkItemEvent; */
/* To protect the following variables. */
/* NDIS_SPIN_LOCK MptWorkItemSpinLock; */
/* Indicate a MptWorkItem is scheduled and not yet finished. */
bool bMptWorkItemInProgress;
/* An instance which implements function and context of MptWorkItem. */
/* 1 =Start, 0 =Stop from UI. */
u32 MptTestStart;
/* _TEST_MODE, defined in MPT_Req2.h */
u32 MptTestItem;
/* Variable needed in each implementation of CurrMptAct. */
u32 MptActType; /* Type of action performed in CurrMptAct. */
/* The Offset of IO operation is depend of MptActType. */
u32 MptIoOffset;
/* The Value of IO operation is depend of MptActType. */
u32 MptIoValue;
/* The RfPath of IO operation is depend of MptActType. */
u32 MptRfPath;
enum wireless_mode MptWirelessModeToSw; /* Wireless mode to switch. */
u8 MptChannelToSw; /* Channel to switch. */
u8 MptInitGainToSet; /* Initial gain to set. */
u32 MptBandWidth; /* bandwidth to switch. */
u32 MptRateIndex; /* rate index. */
/* Register value kept for Single Carrier Tx test. */
u8 btMpCckTxPower;
/* Register value kept for Single Carrier Tx test. */
u8 btMpOfdmTxPower;
/* For MP Tx Power index */
u8 TxPwrLevel[2]; /* rf-A, rf-B */
u32 RegTxPwrLimit;
/* Content of RCR Register for Mass Production Test. */
u32 MptRCR;
/* true if we only receive packets with specific pattern. */
bool bMptFilterPattern;
/* Rx OK count, statistics used in Mass Production Test. */
u32 MptRxOkCnt;
/* Rx CRC32 error count, statistics used in Mass Production Test. */
u32 MptRxCrcErrCnt;
bool bCckContTx; /* true if we are in CCK Continuous Tx test. */
bool bOfdmContTx; /* true if we are in OFDM Continuous Tx test. */
bool bStartContTx; /* true if we have start Continuous Tx test. */
/* true if we are in Single Carrier Tx test. */
bool bSingleCarrier;
/* true if we are in Carrier Suppression Tx Test. */
bool bCarrierSuppression;
/* true if we are in Single Tone Tx test. */
bool bSingleTone;
/* ACK counter asked by K.Y.. */
bool bMptEnableAckCounter;
u32 MptAckCounter;
/* SD3 Willis For 8192S to save 1T/2T RF table for ACUT Only fro ACUT delete later ~~~! */
/* s8 BufOfLines[2][MP_MAX_LINES][MP_MAX_LINES_BYTES]; */
/* s32 RfReadLine[2]; */
u8 APK_bound[2]; /* for APK path A/path B */
bool bMptIndexEven;
u8 backup0xc50;
u8 backup0xc58;
u8 backup0xc30;
u8 backup0x52_RF_A;
u8 backup0x52_RF_B;
u32 backup0x58_RF_A;
u32 backup0x58_RF_B;
u8 h2cReqNum;
u8 c2hBuf[32];
u8 btInBuf[100];
u32 mptOutLen;
u8 mptOutBuf[100];
/* endif */
/* E-Fuse */
#define EFUSE_MAP_SIZE 512
#define EFUSE_MAX_SIZE 512
/* end of E-Fuse */
enum {
struct mp_priv {
struct adapter *papdater;
/* Testing Flag */
u32 mode;/* 0 for normal type packet, 1 for loopback packet (16bytes TXCMD) */
u32 prev_fw_state;
/* OID cmd handler */
struct mp_wiparam workparam;
/* u8 act_in_progress; */
/* Tx Section */
u8 TID;
u32 tx_pktcount;
u32 pktInterval;
struct mp_tx tx;
/* Rx Section */
u32 rx_bssidpktcount;
u32 rx_pktcount;
u32 rx_pktcount_filter_out;
u32 rx_crcerrpktcount;
u32 rx_pktloss;
bool rx_bindicatePkt;
struct recv_stat rxstat;
/* RF/BB relative */
u8 channel;
u8 bandwidth;
u8 prime_channel_offset;
u8 txpoweridx;
u8 txpoweridx_b;
u8 rateidx;
u32 preamble;
/* u8 modem; */
u32 CrystalCap;
/* u32 curr_crystalcap; */
u16 antenna_tx;
u16 antenna_rx;
/* u8 curr_rfpath; */
u8 check_mp_pkt;
u8 bSetTxPower;
/* uint ForcedDataRate; */
u8 mp_dm;
u8 mac_filter[ETH_ALEN];
u8 bmac_filter;
struct wlan_network mp_network;
NDIS_802_11_MAC_ADDRESS network_macaddr;
u8 *pallocated_mp_xmitframe_buf;
u8 *pmp_xmtframe_buf;
struct __queue free_mp_xmitqueue;
u32 free_mp_xmitframe_cnt;
bool bSetRxBssid;
bool bTxBufCkFail;
struct mpt_context MptCtx;
u8 *TXradomBuffer;
#define LOWER true
#define RAISE false
/* Hardware Registers */
#define BB_REG_BASE_ADDR 0x800
extern u8 mpdatarate[NumRates];
#define MAX_TX_PWR_INDEX_N_MODE 64 /* 0x3F */
#define RX_PKT_DEST_ADDR 2
#define RX_PKT_PHY_MATCH 3
#define Mac_OFDM_OK 0x00000000
#define Mac_OFDM_Fail 0x10000000
#define Mac_OFDM_FasleAlarm 0x20000000
#define Mac_CCK_OK 0x30000000
#define Mac_CCK_Fail 0x40000000
#define Mac_CCK_FasleAlarm 0x50000000
#define Mac_HT_OK 0x60000000
#define Mac_HT_Fail 0x70000000
#define Mac_HT_FasleAlarm 0x90000000
#define Mac_DropPacket 0xA0000000
#define REG_RF_BB_GAIN_OFFSET 0x7f
#define RF_GAIN_OFFSET_MASK 0xfffff
/* */
/* struct mp_xmit_frame *alloc_mp_xmitframe(struct mp_priv *pmp_priv); */
/* int free_mp_xmitframe(struct xmit_priv *pxmitpriv, struct mp_xmit_frame *pmp_xmitframe); */
s32 init_mp_priv(struct adapter *padapter);
void free_mp_priv(struct mp_priv *pmp_priv);
s32 MPT_InitializeAdapter(struct adapter *padapter, u8 Channel);
void MPT_DeInitAdapter(struct adapter *padapter);
s32 mp_start_test(struct adapter *padapter);
void mp_stop_test(struct adapter *padapter);
u32 _read_rfreg(struct adapter *padapter, u8 rfpath, u32 addr, u32 bitmask);
void _write_rfreg(struct adapter *padapter, u8 rfpath, u32 addr, u32 bitmask, u32 val);
u32 read_macreg(struct adapter *padapter, u32 addr, u32 sz);
void write_macreg(struct adapter *padapter, u32 addr, u32 val, u32 sz);
u32 read_bbreg(struct adapter *padapter, u32 addr, u32 bitmask);
void write_bbreg(struct adapter *padapter, u32 addr, u32 bitmask, u32 val);
u32 read_rfreg(struct adapter *padapter, u8 rfpath, u32 addr);
void write_rfreg(struct adapter *padapter, u8 rfpath, u32 addr, u32 val);
void SetChannel(struct adapter *padapter);
void SetBandwidth(struct adapter *padapter);
int SetTxPower(struct adapter *padapter);
void SetAntennaPathPower(struct adapter *padapter);
void SetDataRate(struct adapter *padapter);
void SetAntenna(struct adapter *padapter);
s32 SetThermalMeter(struct adapter *padapter, u8 target_ther);
void GetThermalMeter(struct adapter *padapter, u8 *value);
void SetContinuousTx(struct adapter *padapter, u8 bStart);
void SetSingleCarrierTx(struct adapter *padapter, u8 bStart);
void SetSingleToneTx(struct adapter *padapter, u8 bStart);
void SetCarrierSuppressionTx(struct adapter *padapter, u8 bStart);
void PhySetTxPowerLevel(struct adapter *padapter);
void fill_txdesc_for_mp(struct adapter *padapter, u8 *ptxdesc);
void SetPacketTx(struct adapter *padapter);
void SetPacketRx(struct adapter *padapter, u8 bStartRx);
void ResetPhyRxPktCount(struct adapter *padapter);
u32 GetPhyRxPktReceived(struct adapter *padapter);
u32 GetPhyRxPktCRC32Error(struct adapter *padapter);
s32 SetPowerTracking(struct adapter *padapter, u8 enable);
void GetPowerTracking(struct adapter *padapter, u8 *enable);
u32 mp_query_psd(struct adapter *padapter, u8 *data);
void Hal_SetAntenna(struct adapter *padapter);
void Hal_SetBandwidth(struct adapter *padapter);
void Hal_SetTxPower(struct adapter *padapter);
void Hal_SetCarrierSuppressionTx(struct adapter *padapter, u8 bStart);
void Hal_SetSingleToneTx(struct adapter *padapter, u8 bStart);
void Hal_SetSingleCarrierTx(struct adapter *padapter, u8 bStart);
void Hal_SetContinuousTx(struct adapter *padapter, u8 bStart);
void Hal_SetDataRate(struct adapter *padapter);
void Hal_SetChannel(struct adapter *padapter);
void Hal_SetAntennaPathPower(struct adapter *padapter);
s32 Hal_SetThermalMeter(struct adapter *padapter, u8 target_ther);
s32 Hal_SetPowerTracking(struct adapter *padapter, u8 enable);
void Hal_GetPowerTracking(struct adapter *padapter, u8 *enable);
void Hal_GetThermalMeter(struct adapter *padapter, u8 *value);
void Hal_mpt_SwitchRfSetting(struct adapter *padapter);
void Hal_MPT_CCKTxPowerAdjust(struct adapter *Adapter, bool bInCH14);
void Hal_MPT_CCKTxPowerAdjustbyIndex(struct adapter *padapter, bool beven);
void Hal_SetCCKTxPower(struct adapter *padapter, u8 *TxPower);
void Hal_SetOFDMTxPower(struct adapter *padapter, u8 *TxPower);
void Hal_TriggerRFThermalMeter(struct adapter *padapter);
u8 Hal_ReadRFThermalMeter(struct adapter *padapter);
void Hal_SetCCKContinuousTx(struct adapter *padapter, u8 bStart);
void Hal_SetOFDMContinuousTx(struct adapter *padapter, u8 bStart);
void Hal_ProSetCrystalCap(struct adapter *padapter, u32 CrystalCapVal);
void MP_PHY_SetRFPathSwitch(struct adapter *padapter, bool bMain);
u32 mpt_ProQueryCalTxPower(struct adapter *padapter, u8 RfPath);
void MPT_PwrCtlDM(struct adapter *padapter, u32 bstart);
u8 MptToMgntRate(u32 MptRateIdx);
#endif /* _RTW_MP_H_ */