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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0 */
* Copyright(c) 2007 - 2011 Realtek Corporation. All rights reserved.
#ifndef __XMIT_OSDEP_H_
#define __XMIT_OSDEP_H_
struct pkt_file {
struct sk_buff *pkt;
__kernel_size_t pkt_len; /* the remainder length of the open_file */
unsigned char *cur_buffer;
u8 *buf_start;
u8 *cur_addr;
__kernel_size_t buf_len;
#define NR_XMITFRAME 256
struct xmit_priv;
struct pkt_attrib;
struct sta_xmit_priv;
struct xmit_frame;
struct xmit_buf;
extern int _rtw_xmit_entry(struct sk_buff *pkt, struct net_device *pnetdev);
extern int rtw_xmit_entry(struct sk_buff *pkt, struct net_device *pnetdev);
void rtw_os_xmit_schedule(struct adapter *padapter);
int rtw_os_xmit_resource_alloc(struct adapter *padapter, struct xmit_buf *pxmitbuf, u32 alloc_sz, u8 flag);
void rtw_os_xmit_resource_free(struct adapter *padapter, struct xmit_buf *pxmitbuf, u32 free_sz, u8 flag);
extern uint rtw_remainder_len(struct pkt_file *pfile);
extern void _rtw_open_pktfile(struct sk_buff *pkt, struct pkt_file *pfile);
extern uint _rtw_pktfile_read(struct pkt_file *pfile, u8 *rmem, uint rlen);
extern signed int rtw_endofpktfile(struct pkt_file *pfile);
extern void rtw_os_pkt_complete(struct adapter *padapter, struct sk_buff *pkt);
extern void rtw_os_xmit_complete(struct adapter *padapter, struct xmit_frame *pxframe);
#endif /* __XMIT_OSDEP_H_ */