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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0 */
* Copyright (C) 2019 Texas Instruments Incorporated -
#ifndef K3_UDMA_GLUE_H_
#define K3_UDMA_GLUE_H_
#include <linux/types.h>
#include <linux/soc/ti/k3-ringacc.h>
#include <linux/dma/ti-cppi5.h>
struct k3_udma_glue_tx_channel_cfg {
struct k3_ring_cfg tx_cfg;
struct k3_ring_cfg txcq_cfg;
bool tx_pause_on_err;
bool tx_filt_einfo;
bool tx_filt_pswords;
bool tx_supr_tdpkt;
u32 swdata_size;
struct k3_udma_glue_tx_channel;
struct k3_udma_glue_tx_channel *k3_udma_glue_request_tx_chn(struct device *dev,
const char *name, struct k3_udma_glue_tx_channel_cfg *cfg);
void k3_udma_glue_release_tx_chn(struct k3_udma_glue_tx_channel *tx_chn);
int k3_udma_glue_push_tx_chn(struct k3_udma_glue_tx_channel *tx_chn,
struct cppi5_host_desc_t *desc_tx,
dma_addr_t desc_dma);
int k3_udma_glue_pop_tx_chn(struct k3_udma_glue_tx_channel *tx_chn,
dma_addr_t *desc_dma);
int k3_udma_glue_enable_tx_chn(struct k3_udma_glue_tx_channel *tx_chn);
void k3_udma_glue_disable_tx_chn(struct k3_udma_glue_tx_channel *tx_chn);
void k3_udma_glue_tdown_tx_chn(struct k3_udma_glue_tx_channel *tx_chn,
bool sync);
void k3_udma_glue_reset_tx_chn(struct k3_udma_glue_tx_channel *tx_chn,
void *data, void (*cleanup)(void *data, dma_addr_t desc_dma));
u32 k3_udma_glue_tx_get_hdesc_size(struct k3_udma_glue_tx_channel *tx_chn);
u32 k3_udma_glue_tx_get_txcq_id(struct k3_udma_glue_tx_channel *tx_chn);
int k3_udma_glue_tx_get_irq(struct k3_udma_glue_tx_channel *tx_chn);
struct device *
k3_udma_glue_tx_get_dma_device(struct k3_udma_glue_tx_channel *tx_chn);
void k3_udma_glue_tx_dma_to_cppi5_addr(struct k3_udma_glue_tx_channel *tx_chn,
dma_addr_t *addr);
void k3_udma_glue_tx_cppi5_to_dma_addr(struct k3_udma_glue_tx_channel *tx_chn,
dma_addr_t *addr);
enum {
* k3_udma_glue_rx_flow_cfg - UDMA RX flow cfg
* @rx_cfg: RX ring configuration
* @rxfdq_cfg: RX free Host PD ring configuration
* @ring_rxq_id: RX ring id (or -1 for any)
* @ring_rxfdq0_id: RX free Host PD ring (FDQ) if (or -1 for any)
* @rx_error_handling: Rx Error Handling Mode (0 - drop, 1 - re-try)
* @src_tag_lo_sel: Rx Source Tag Low Byte Selector in Host PD
struct k3_udma_glue_rx_flow_cfg {
struct k3_ring_cfg rx_cfg;
struct k3_ring_cfg rxfdq_cfg;
int ring_rxq_id;
int ring_rxfdq0_id;
bool rx_error_handling;
int src_tag_lo_sel;
* k3_udma_glue_rx_channel_cfg - UDMA RX channel cfg
* @psdata_size: SW Data is present in Host PD of @swdata_size bytes
* @flow_id_base: first flow_id used by channel.
* if @flow_id_base = -1 - range of GP rflows will be
* allocated dynamically.
* @flow_id_num: number of RX flows used by channel
* @flow_id_use_rxchan_id: use RX channel id as flow id,
* used only if @flow_id_num = 1
* @remote indication that RX channel is remote - some remote CPU
* core owns and control the RX channel. Linux Host only
* allowed to attach and configure RX Flow within RX
* channel. if set - not RX channel operation will be
* performed by K3 NAVSS DMA glue interface.
* @def_flow_cfg default RX flow configuration,
* used only if @flow_id_num = 1
struct k3_udma_glue_rx_channel_cfg {
u32 swdata_size;
int flow_id_base;
int flow_id_num;
bool flow_id_use_rxchan_id;
bool remote;
struct k3_udma_glue_rx_flow_cfg *def_flow_cfg;
struct k3_udma_glue_rx_channel;
struct k3_udma_glue_rx_channel *k3_udma_glue_request_rx_chn(
struct device *dev,
const char *name,
struct k3_udma_glue_rx_channel_cfg *cfg);
void k3_udma_glue_release_rx_chn(struct k3_udma_glue_rx_channel *rx_chn);
int k3_udma_glue_enable_rx_chn(struct k3_udma_glue_rx_channel *rx_chn);
void k3_udma_glue_disable_rx_chn(struct k3_udma_glue_rx_channel *rx_chn);
void k3_udma_glue_tdown_rx_chn(struct k3_udma_glue_rx_channel *rx_chn,
bool sync);
int k3_udma_glue_push_rx_chn(struct k3_udma_glue_rx_channel *rx_chn,
u32 flow_num, struct cppi5_host_desc_t *desc_tx,
dma_addr_t desc_dma);
int k3_udma_glue_pop_rx_chn(struct k3_udma_glue_rx_channel *rx_chn,
u32 flow_num, dma_addr_t *desc_dma);
int k3_udma_glue_rx_flow_init(struct k3_udma_glue_rx_channel *rx_chn,
u32 flow_idx, struct k3_udma_glue_rx_flow_cfg *flow_cfg);
u32 k3_udma_glue_rx_flow_get_fdq_id(struct k3_udma_glue_rx_channel *rx_chn,
u32 flow_idx);
u32 k3_udma_glue_rx_get_flow_id_base(struct k3_udma_glue_rx_channel *rx_chn);
int k3_udma_glue_rx_get_irq(struct k3_udma_glue_rx_channel *rx_chn,
u32 flow_num);
void k3_udma_glue_rx_put_irq(struct k3_udma_glue_rx_channel *rx_chn,
u32 flow_num);
void k3_udma_glue_reset_rx_chn(struct k3_udma_glue_rx_channel *rx_chn,
u32 flow_num, void *data,
void (*cleanup)(void *data, dma_addr_t desc_dma),
bool skip_fdq);
int k3_udma_glue_rx_flow_enable(struct k3_udma_glue_rx_channel *rx_chn,
u32 flow_idx);
int k3_udma_glue_rx_flow_disable(struct k3_udma_glue_rx_channel *rx_chn,
u32 flow_idx);
struct device *
k3_udma_glue_rx_get_dma_device(struct k3_udma_glue_rx_channel *rx_chn);
void k3_udma_glue_rx_dma_to_cppi5_addr(struct k3_udma_glue_rx_channel *rx_chn,
dma_addr_t *addr);
void k3_udma_glue_rx_cppi5_to_dma_addr(struct k3_udma_glue_rx_channel *rx_chn,
dma_addr_t *addr);
#endif /* K3_UDMA_GLUE_H_ */