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I915 DG1/LMEM RFC Section
Upstream plan
For upstream the overall plan for landing all the DG1 stuff and turning it for
real, with all the uAPI bits is:
* Merge basic HW enabling of DG1(still without pciid)
* Merge the uAPI bits behind special CONFIG_BROKEN(or so) flag
* At this point we can still make changes, but importantly this lets us
start running IGTs which can utilize local-memory in CI
* Convert over to TTM, make sure it all keeps working. Some of the work items:
* TTM shrinker for discrete
* dma_resv_lockitem for full dma_resv_lock, i.e not just trylock
* Use TTM CPU pagefault handler
* Route shmem backend over to TTM SYSTEM for discrete
* TTM purgeable object support
* Move i915 buddy allocator over to TTM
* Send RFC(with mesa-dev on cc) for final sign off on the uAPI
* Add pciid for DG1 and turn on uAPI for real