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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: MIT */
* Copyright 2019 Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
#include <linux/mutex.h>
#include <linux/spinlock.h>
#include <linux/tee_drv.h>
#include <linux/kref.h>
#include <linux/types.h>
#include "amdtee_if.h"
#define DRIVER_NAME "amdtee"
#define DRIVER_AUTHOR "AMD-TEE Linux driver team"
/* Some GlobalPlatform error codes used in this driver */
#define TEEC_SUCCESS 0x00000000
#define TEEC_ORIGIN_COMMS 0x00000002
/* Maximum number of sessions which can be opened with a Trusted Application */
#define TA_LOAD_PATH "/amdtee"
#define TA_PATH_MAX 60
* struct amdtee - main service struct
* @teedev: client device
* @pool: shared memory pool
struct amdtee {
struct tee_device *teedev;
struct tee_shm_pool *pool;
* struct amdtee_session - Trusted Application (TA) session related information.
* @ta_handle: handle to Trusted Application (TA) loaded in TEE environment
* @refcount: counter to keep track of sessions opened for the TA instance
* @session_info: an array pointing to TA allocated session data.
* @sess_mask: session usage bit-mask. If a particular bit is set, then the
* corresponding @session_info entry is in use or valid.
* Session structure is updated on open_session and this information is used for
* subsequent operations with the Trusted Application.
struct amdtee_session {
struct list_head list_node;
u32 ta_handle;
struct kref refcount;
u32 session_info[TEE_NUM_SESSIONS];
spinlock_t lock; /* synchronizes access to @sess_mask */
* struct amdtee_context_data - AMD-TEE driver context data
* @sess_list: Keeps track of sessions opened in current TEE context
* @shm_list: Keeps track of buffers allocated and mapped in current TEE
* context
struct amdtee_context_data {
struct list_head sess_list;
struct list_head shm_list;
struct mutex shm_mutex; /* synchronizes access to @shm_list */
struct amdtee_driver_data {
struct amdtee *amdtee;
struct shmem_desc {
void *kaddr;
u64 size;
* struct amdtee_shm_data - Shared memory data
* @kaddr: Kernel virtual address of shared memory
* @buf_id: Buffer id of memory mapped by TEE_CMD_ID_MAP_SHARED_MEM
struct amdtee_shm_data {
struct list_head shm_node;
void *kaddr;
u32 buf_id;
* struct amdtee_ta_data - Keeps track of all TAs loaded in AMD Secure
* Processor
* @ta_handle: Handle to TA loaded in TEE
* @refcount: Reference count for the loaded TA
struct amdtee_ta_data {
struct list_head list_node;
u32 ta_handle;
u32 refcount;
* set_session_id() - Sets the session identifier.
* @ta_handle: [in] handle of the loaded Trusted Application (TA)
* @session_index: [in] Session index. Range: 0 to (TEE_NUM_SESSIONS - 1).
* @session: [out] Pointer to session id
* Lower two bytes of the session identifier represents the TA handle and the
* upper two bytes is session index.
static inline void set_session_id(u32 ta_handle, u32 session_index,
u32 *session)
*session = (session_index << 16) | (LOWER_TWO_BYTE_MASK & ta_handle);
static inline u32 get_ta_handle(u32 session)
return session & LOWER_TWO_BYTE_MASK;
static inline u32 get_session_index(u32 session)
return (session >> 16) & LOWER_TWO_BYTE_MASK;
int amdtee_open_session(struct tee_context *ctx,
struct tee_ioctl_open_session_arg *arg,
struct tee_param *param);
int amdtee_close_session(struct tee_context *ctx, u32 session);
int amdtee_invoke_func(struct tee_context *ctx,
struct tee_ioctl_invoke_arg *arg,
struct tee_param *param);
int amdtee_cancel_req(struct tee_context *ctx, u32 cancel_id, u32 session);
int amdtee_map_shmem(struct tee_shm *shm);
void amdtee_unmap_shmem(struct tee_shm *shm);
int handle_load_ta(void *data, u32 size,
struct tee_ioctl_open_session_arg *arg);
int handle_unload_ta(u32 ta_handle);
int handle_open_session(struct tee_ioctl_open_session_arg *arg, u32 *info,
struct tee_param *p);
int handle_close_session(u32 ta_handle, u32 info);
int handle_map_shmem(u32 count, struct shmem_desc *start, u32 *buf_id);
void handle_unmap_shmem(u32 buf_id);
int handle_invoke_cmd(struct tee_ioctl_invoke_arg *arg, u32 sinfo,
struct tee_param *p);
struct tee_shm_pool *amdtee_config_shm(void);
u32 get_buffer_id(struct tee_shm *shm);