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# perf all PMU test
# SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0
set -e
for p in $(perf list --raw-dump pmu); do
# In powerpc, skip the events for hv_24x7 and hv_gpci.
# These events needs input values to be filled in for
# core, chip, partition id based on system.
# Example: hv_24x7/CPM_ADJUNCT_INST,domain=?,core=?/
# hv_gpci/event,partition_id=?/
# Hence skip these events for ppc.
if echo "$p" |grep -Eq 'hv_24x7|hv_gpci' ; then
echo "Skipping: Event '$p' in powerpc"
echo "Testing $p"
result=$(perf stat -e "$p" true 2>&1)
if ! echo "$result" | grep -q "$p" && ! echo "$result" | grep -q "<not supported>" ; then
# We failed to see the event and it is supported. Possibly the workload was
# too small so retry with something longer.
result=$(perf stat -e "$p" perf bench internals synthesize 2>&1)
if ! echo "$result" | grep -q "$p" ; then
echo "Event '$p' not printed in:"
echo "$result"
exit 1
exit 0