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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0 */
* Copyright (c) 2019 Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
* Author: Sylwester Nawrocki <>
* Samsung Exynos SoC Adaptive Supply Voltage support
struct regmap;
/* HPM, IDS values to select target group */
struct asv_limit_entry {
unsigned int hpm;
unsigned int ids;
struct exynos_asv_table {
unsigned int num_rows;
unsigned int num_cols;
u32 *buf;
struct exynos_asv_subsys {
struct exynos_asv *asv;
const char *cpu_dt_compat;
int id;
struct exynos_asv_table table;
unsigned int base_volt;
unsigned int offset_volt_h;
unsigned int offset_volt_l;
struct exynos_asv {
struct device *dev;
struct regmap *chipid_regmap;
struct exynos_asv_subsys subsys[2];
int (*opp_get_voltage)(const struct exynos_asv_subsys *subs,
int level, unsigned int voltage);
unsigned int group;
unsigned int table;
/* True if SG fields from PKG_ID register should be used */
bool use_sg;
/* ASV bin read from DT */
int of_bin;
static inline u32 __asv_get_table_entry(const struct exynos_asv_table *table,
unsigned int row, unsigned int col)
return table->buf[row * (table->num_cols) + col];
static inline u32 exynos_asv_opp_get_voltage(const struct exynos_asv_subsys *subsys,
unsigned int level, unsigned int group)
return __asv_get_table_entry(&subsys->table, level, group + 1);
static inline u32 exynos_asv_opp_get_frequency(const struct exynos_asv_subsys *subsys,
unsigned int level)
return __asv_get_table_entry(&subsys->table, level, 0);
int exynos_asv_init(struct device *dev, struct regmap *regmap);
#endif /* __LINUX_SOC_EXYNOS_ASV_H */