Merge tag 'pm-5.16-rc4' of git://

Pull power management fixes from Rafael Wysocki:
 "These fix a CPU hot-add issue in the cpufreq core, fix a comment in
  the cpufreq core code and update its documentation, and disable the
  DTPM (Dynamic Thermal Power Management) code for the time being to
  prevent it from causing issues to appear.


   - Disable DTPM for this cycle to prevent it from causing issues to
     appear on otherwise functional systems (Daniel Lezcano)

   - Fix cpufreq sysfs interface failure related to physical CPU hot-add
     (Xiongfeng Wang)

   - Fix comment in cpufreq core and update its documentation (Tang

* tag 'pm-5.16-rc4' of git://
  powercap: DTPM: Drop unused local variable from init_dtpm()
  cpufreq: docs: Update core.rst
  cpufreq: Fix a comment in cpufreq_policy_free
  powercap/drivers/dtpm: Disable DTPM at boot time
  cpufreq: Fix get_cpu_device() failure in add_cpu_dev_symlink()