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Framebuffer driver for Cirrus Logic chipsets
Copyright 1999 Jeff Garzik <>
.. just a little something to get people going; contributors welcome!
Chip families supported:
- SD64
- Piccolo
- Picasso
- Spectrum
- Alpine (GD-543x/4x)
- Picasso4 (GD-5446)
- GD-5480
- Laguna (GD-546x)
Bus's supported:
- Zorro
Architectures supported:
- i386
- Alpha
- PPC (Motorola Powerstack)
- m68k (Amiga)
Default video modes
At the moment, there are two kernel command line arguments supported:
- mode:640x480
- mode:800x600
- mode:1024x768
Full support for startup video modes (modedb) will be integrated soon.
* Fix memory detection for 512kB case
* 800x600 mode
* Fixed timings
* Hint for AXP: Use -accel false -vyres -1 when changing resolution
* Preliminary Laguna support
* Overhaul color register routines.
* Associated with the above, console colors are now obtained from a LUT
called 'palette' instead of from the VGA registers. This code was
modelled after that in atyfb and matroxfb.
* Code cleanup, add comments.
* Overhaul SR07 handling.
* Bug fixes.
* Correctly set default startup video mode.
* Do not override ram size setting. Define
CLGEN_USE_HARDCODED_RAM_SETTINGS if you _do_ want to override the RAM
* Compile fixes related to new 2.3.x IORESOURCE_IO[PORT] symbol changes.
* Use new 2.3.x resource allocation.
* Some code cleanup.
* Casting fixes.
* Assertions no longer cause an oops on purpose.
* Bug fixes.
* Add compatibility support. Now requires a 2.1.x, 2.2.x or 2.3.x kernel.
Version 1.9.4
* Several enhancements, smaller memory footprint, a few bugfixes.
* Requires kernel 2.3.14-pre1 or later.
Version 1.9.3
* Bundled with kernel 2.3.14-pre1 or later.