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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0 */
* Header file for FPGA Accelerated Function Unit (AFU) Driver
* Copyright (C) 2017-2018 Intel Corporation, Inc.
* Authors:
* Wu Hao <>
* Xiao Guangrong <>
* Joseph Grecco <>
* Enno Luebbers <>
* Tim Whisonant <>
* Ananda Ravuri <>
* Henry Mitchel <>
#ifndef __DFL_AFU_H
#define __DFL_AFU_H
#include <linux/mm.h>
#include "dfl.h"
* struct dfl_afu_mmio_region - afu mmio region data structure
* @index: region index.
* @flags: region flags (access permission).
* @size: region size.
* @offset: region offset from start of the device fd.
* @phys: region's physical address.
* @node: node to add to afu feature dev's region list.
struct dfl_afu_mmio_region {
u32 index;
u32 flags;
u64 size;
u64 offset;
u64 phys;
struct list_head node;
* struct fpga_afu_dma_region - afu DMA region data structure
* @user_addr: region userspace virtual address.
* @length: region length.
* @iova: region IO virtual address.
* @pages: ptr to pages of this region.
* @node: rb tree node.
* @in_use: flag to indicate if this region is in_use.
struct dfl_afu_dma_region {
u64 user_addr;
u64 length;
u64 iova;
struct page **pages;
struct rb_node node;
bool in_use;
* struct dfl_afu - afu device data structure
* @region_cur_offset: current region offset from start to the device fd.
* @num_regions: num of mmio regions.
* @regions: the mmio region linked list of this afu feature device.
* @dma_regions: root of dma regions rb tree.
* @num_umsgs: num of umsgs.
* @pdata: afu platform device's pdata.
struct dfl_afu {
u64 region_cur_offset;
int num_regions;
u8 num_umsgs;
struct list_head regions;
struct rb_root dma_regions;
struct dfl_feature_platform_data *pdata;
/* hold pdata->lock when call __afu_port_enable/disable */
int __afu_port_enable(struct platform_device *pdev);
int __afu_port_disable(struct platform_device *pdev);
void afu_mmio_region_init(struct dfl_feature_platform_data *pdata);
int afu_mmio_region_add(struct dfl_feature_platform_data *pdata,
u32 region_index, u64 region_size, u64 phys, u32 flags);
void afu_mmio_region_destroy(struct dfl_feature_platform_data *pdata);
int afu_mmio_region_get_by_index(struct dfl_feature_platform_data *pdata,
u32 region_index,
struct dfl_afu_mmio_region *pregion);
int afu_mmio_region_get_by_offset(struct dfl_feature_platform_data *pdata,
u64 offset, u64 size,
struct dfl_afu_mmio_region *pregion);
void afu_dma_region_init(struct dfl_feature_platform_data *pdata);
void afu_dma_region_destroy(struct dfl_feature_platform_data *pdata);
int afu_dma_map_region(struct dfl_feature_platform_data *pdata,
u64 user_addr, u64 length, u64 *iova);
int afu_dma_unmap_region(struct dfl_feature_platform_data *pdata, u64 iova);
struct dfl_afu_dma_region *
afu_dma_region_find(struct dfl_feature_platform_data *pdata,
u64 iova, u64 size);
extern const struct dfl_feature_ops port_err_ops;
extern const struct dfl_feature_id port_err_id_table[];
extern const struct attribute_group port_err_group;
#endif /* __DFL_AFU_H */