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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0+ */
* Copyright (c) 1996, 2003 VIA Networking Technologies, Inc.
* All rights reserved.
* Purpose: Implement functions to access baseband
* Author: Jerry Chen
* Date: Jun. 5, 2002
#ifndef __BASEBAND_H__
#define __BASEBAND_H__
#include "device.h"
* Registers in the BASEBAND
* Baseband RF pair definition in eeprom (Bits 6..0)
#define F5G 0
#define F2_4G 1
#define TOP_RATE_54M 0x80000000
#define TOP_RATE_48M 0x40000000
#define TOP_RATE_36M 0x20000000
#define TOP_RATE_24M 0x10000000
#define TOP_RATE_18M 0x08000000
#define TOP_RATE_12M 0x04000000
#define TOP_RATE_11M 0x02000000
#define TOP_RATE_9M 0x01000000
#define TOP_RATE_6M 0x00800000
#define TOP_RATE_55M 0x00400000
#define TOP_RATE_2M 0x00200000
#define TOP_RATE_1M 0x00100000
unsigned int bb_get_frame_time(unsigned char preamble_type,
unsigned char by_pkt_type,
unsigned int cb_frame_length,
unsigned short w_rate);
void vnt_get_phy_field(struct vnt_private *priv, u32 frame_length,
u16 tx_rate, u8 pkt_type, struct vnt_phy_field *phy);
bool bb_read_embedded(struct vnt_private *priv, unsigned char by_bb_addr,
unsigned char *pby_data);
bool bb_write_embedded(struct vnt_private *priv, unsigned char by_bb_addr,
unsigned char by_data);
void bb_set_short_slot_time(struct vnt_private *priv);
void bb_set_vga_gain_offset(struct vnt_private *priv, unsigned char by_data);
/* VT3253 Baseband */
bool bb_vt3253_init(struct vnt_private *priv);
void bb_software_reset(struct vnt_private *priv);
void bb_power_save_mode_on(struct vnt_private *priv);
void bb_power_save_mode_off(struct vnt_private *priv);
void bb_set_tx_antenna_mode(struct vnt_private *priv,
unsigned char by_antenna_mode);
void bb_set_rx_antenna_mode(struct vnt_private *priv,
unsigned char by_antenna_mode);
void bb_set_deep_sleep(struct vnt_private *priv, unsigned char by_local_id);
#endif /* __BASEBAND_H__ */