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.. SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0+
drm/Panfrost Mali Driver
.. _panfrost-usage-stats:
Panfrost DRM client usage stats implementation
The drm/Panfrost driver implements the DRM client usage stats specification as
documented in :ref:`drm-client-usage-stats`.
Example of the output showing the implemented key value pairs and entirety of
the currently possible format options:
pos: 0
flags: 02400002
mnt_id: 27
ino: 531
drm-driver: panfrost
drm-client-id: 14
drm-engine-fragment: 1846584880 ns
drm-cycles-fragment: 1424359409
drm-maxfreq-fragment: 799999987 Hz
drm-curfreq-fragment: 799999987 Hz
drm-engine-vertex-tiler: 71932239 ns
drm-cycles-vertex-tiler: 52617357
drm-maxfreq-vertex-tiler: 799999987 Hz
drm-curfreq-vertex-tiler: 799999987 Hz
drm-total-memory: 290 MiB
drm-shared-memory: 0 MiB
drm-active-memory: 226 MiB
drm-resident-memory: 36496 KiB
drm-purgeable-memory: 128 KiB
Possible `drm-engine-` key names are: `fragment`, and `vertex-tiler`.
`drm-curfreq-` values convey the current operating frequency for that engine.