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Kernel driver bel-pfe
Supported chips:
* BEL PFE1100
Prefixes: 'pfe1100'
Addresses scanned: -
* BEL PFE3000
Prefixes: 'pfe3000'
Addresses scanned: -
Author: Tao Ren <>
This driver supports hardware monitoring for below power supply devices
which support PMBus Protocol:
* BEL PFE1100
1100 Watt AC to DC power-factor-corrected (PFC) power supply.
PMBus Communication Manual is not publicly available.
* BEL PFE3000
3000 Watt AC/DC power-factor-corrected (PFC) and DC-DC power supply.
PMBus Communication Manual is not publicly available.
The driver is a client driver to the core PMBus driver. Please see
Documentation/hwmon/pmbus.rst for details on PMBus client drivers.
Usage Notes
This driver does not auto-detect devices. You will have to instantiate the
devices explicitly. Please see Documentation/i2c/instantiating-devices.rst for
Example: the following will load the driver for an PFE3000 at address 0x20
on I2C bus #1::
$ modprobe bel-pfe
$ echo pfe3000 0x20 > /sys/bus/i2c/devices/i2c-1/new_device
Platform data support
The driver supports standard PMBus driver platform data.
Sysfs entries
======================= =======================================================
curr1_label "iin"
curr1_input Measured input current
curr1_max Input current max value
curr1_max_alarm Input current max alarm
curr[2-3]_label "iout[1-2]"
curr[2-3]_input Measured output current
curr[2-3]_max Output current max value
curr[2-3]_max_alarm Output current max alarm
fan[1-2]_input Fan 1 and 2 speed in RPM
fan1_target Set fan speed reference for both fans
in1_label "vin"
in1_input Measured input voltage
in1_crit Input voltage critical max value
in1_crit_alarm Input voltage critical max alarm
in1_lcrit Input voltage critical min value
in1_lcrit_alarm Input voltage critical min alarm
in1_max Input voltage max value
in1_max_alarm Input voltage max alarm
in2_label "vcap"
in2_input Hold up capacitor voltage
in[3-8]_label "vout[1-3,5-7]"
in[3-8]_input Measured output voltage
in[3-4]_alarm vout[1-2] output voltage alarm
power[1-2]_label "pin[1-2]"
power[1-2]_input Measured input power
power[1-2]_alarm Input power high alarm
power[3-4]_label "pout[1-2]"
power[3-4]_input Measured output power
temp[1-3]_input Measured temperature
temp[1-3]_alarm Temperature alarm
======================= =======================================================
.. note::
- curr3, fan2, vout[2-7], vcap, pin2, pout2 and temp3 attributes only
exist for PFE3000.