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.. SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0-or-later
Kernel driver corsair-cpro
Supported devices:
* Corsair Commander Pro
* Corsair Commander Pro (1000D)
Author: Marius Zachmann
This driver implements the sysfs interface for the Corsair Commander Pro.
The Corsair Commander Pro is a USB device with 6 fan connectors,
4 temperature sensor connectors and 2 Corsair LED connectors.
It can read the voltage levels on the SATA power connector.
Usage Notes
Since it is a USB device, hotswapping is possible. The device is autodetected.
Sysfs entries
======================= =====================================================================
in0_input Voltage on SATA 12v
in1_input Voltage on SATA 5v
in2_input Voltage on SATA 3.3v
temp[1-4]_input Temperature on connected temperature sensors
fan[1-6]_input Connected fan rpm.
fan[1-6]_label Shows fan type as detected by the device.
fan[1-6]_target Sets fan speed target rpm.
When reading, it reports the last value if it was set by the driver.
Otherwise returns an error.
pwm[1-6] Sets the fan speed. Values from 0-255. Can only be read if pwm
was set directly.
======================= =====================================================================