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Kernel driver inspur-ipsps1
Supported chips:
* Inspur Power System power supply unit
Author: John Wang <>
This driver supports Inspur Power System power supplies. This driver
is a client to the core PMBus driver.
Usage Notes
This driver does not auto-detect devices. You will have to instantiate the
devices explicitly. Please see Documentation/i2c/instantiating-devices.rst for
Sysfs entries
The following attributes are supported:
======================= ======================================================
curr1_input Measured input current
curr1_label "iin"
curr1_max Maximum current
curr1_max_alarm Current high alarm
curr2_input Measured output current in mA.
curr2_label "iout1"
curr2_crit Critical maximum current
curr2_crit_alarm Current critical high alarm
curr2_max Maximum current
curr2_max_alarm Current high alarm
fan1_alarm Fan 1 warning.
fan1_fault Fan 1 fault.
fan1_input Fan 1 speed in RPM.
in1_alarm Input voltage under-voltage alarm.
in1_input Measured input voltage in mV.
in1_label "vin"
in2_input Measured output voltage in mV.
in2_label "vout1"
in2_lcrit Critical minimum output voltage
in2_lcrit_alarm Output voltage critical low alarm
in2_max Maximum output voltage
in2_max_alarm Output voltage high alarm
in2_min Minimum output voltage
in2_min_alarm Output voltage low alarm
power1_alarm Input fault or alarm.
power1_input Measured input power in uW.
power1_label "pin"
power1_max Input power limit
power2_max_alarm Output power high alarm
power2_max Output power limit
power2_input Measured output power in uW.
power2_label "pout"
temp[1-3]_input Measured temperature
temp[1-2]_max Maximum temperature
temp[1-3]_max_alarm Temperature high alarm
vendor Manufacturer name
model Product model
part_number Product part number
serial_number Product serial number
fw_version Firmware version
hw_version Hardware version
mode Work mode. Can be set to active or
standby, when set to standby, PSU will
automatically switch between standby
and redundancy mode.
======================= ======================================================