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.. SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0
Kernel driver ir36021
Supported chips:
* Infineon IR36021
Prefix: ir36021
Addresses scanned: -
Datasheet: Publicly available at the Infineon website
- Chris Packham <>
The IR36021 is a dual-loop digital multi-phase buck controller designed for
point of load applications.
Usage Notes
This driver does not probe for PMBus devices. You will have to instantiate
devices explicitly.
Sysfs attributes
======================= ===========================
curr1_label "iin"
curr1_input Measured input current
curr1_alarm Input fault alarm
curr2_label "iout1"
curr2_input Measured output current
curr2_alarm Output over-current alarm
in1_label "vin"
in1_input Measured input voltage
in1_alarm Input under-voltage alarm
in2_label "vout1"
in2_input Measured output voltage
in2_alarm Output over-voltage alarm
power1_label "pin"
power1_input Measured input power
power1_alarm Input under-voltage alarm
power2_label "pout1"
power2_input Measured output power
temp1_input Measured temperature
temp1_alarm Temperature alarm
temp2_input Measured other loop temperature
temp2_alarm Temperature alarm
======================= ===========================