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.. SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0
Kernel driver lt7182s
Supported chips:
* ADI LT7182S
Prefix: 'lt7182s'
Addresses scanned: -
Author: Guenter Roeck <>
LT7182S is a Dual Channel 6A, 20V PolyPhase Step-Down Silent Switcher with
Digital Power System Management support.
Usage Notes
This driver does not probe for PMBus devices. You will have to instantiate
devices explicitly.
Example: the following commands will load the driver for a LT7182S
at address 0x4f on I2C bus #4::
# modprobe lt7182s
# echo lt7182s 0x4f > /sys/bus/i2c/devices/i2c-4/new_device
It can also be instantiated by declaring an entry in device tree.
Sysfs attributes
======================= ====================================
curr[1-2]_label "iin[12]"
curr[1-2]_input Measured input current
curr[1-2]_max Maximum input current
curr[1-2]_max_alarm Current high alarm
curr[3-4]_label "iout[1-2]"
curr[3-4]_input Measured output current
curr[3-4]_highest Highest measured output current
curr[3-4]_max Maximum output current
curr[3-4]_max_alarm Output current high alarm
in[1-2]_label "vin[12]"
in[1-2]_input Measured input voltage
in[1-2]_highest Highest measured input voltage
in[1-2]_crit Critical maximum input voltage
in[1-2]_crit_alarm Input voltage critical high alarm
in[1-2]_min Minimum input voltage
in[1-2]_min_alarm Input voltage low alarm
in[1-2]_rated_min Rated minimum input voltage
in[1-2]_rated_max Rated maximum input voltage
in1_reset_history Write to reset history for all attributes
in[3-5]_label "vmon[1-3]"
in[3-5]_input Measured voltage on ITH1/ITH2/EXTVCC pins
Only available if enabled with MFR_ADC_CONTROL_LT7182S
in[3-4|6-7]_label "vout[1-2]"
in[3-4|6-7]_input Measured output voltage
in[3-4|6-7]_highest Highest measured output voltage
in[3-4|6-7]_lcrit Critical minimum output voltage
in[3-4|6-7]_lcrit_alarm Output voltage critical low alarm
in[3-4|6-7]_min Minimum output voltage
in[3-4|6-7]_max_alarm Output voltage low alarm
in[3-4|6-7]_max Maximum output voltage
in[3-4|6-7]_max_alarm Output voltage high alarm
in[3-4|6-7]_crit Critical maximum output voltage
in[3-4|6-7]_crit_alarm Output voltage critical high alarm
power[1-2]_label "pout[1-2]"
power[1-2]_input Measured output power
temp1_input Measured temperature
temp1_crit Critical high temperature
temp1_crit_alarm Chip temperature critical high alarm
temp1_max Maximum temperature
temp1_max_alarm Chip temperature high alarm
======================= ====================================