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Kernel driver ltc3815
Supported chips:
* Linear Technology LTC3815
Prefix: 'ltc3815'
Addresses scanned: -
Author: Guenter Roeck <>
LTC3815 is a Monolithic Synchronous DC/DC Step-Down Converter.
Usage Notes
This driver does not probe for PMBus devices. You will have to instantiate
devices explicitly.
Example: the following commands will load the driver for an LTC3815
at address 0x20 on I2C bus #1::
# modprobe ltc3815
# echo ltc3815 0x20 > /sys/bus/i2c/devices/i2c-1/new_device
Sysfs attributes
======================= =======================================================
in1_label "vin"
in1_input Measured input voltage.
in1_alarm Input voltage alarm.
in1_highest Highest input voltage.
in1_reset_history Reset input voltage history.
in2_label "vout1".
in2_input Measured output voltage.
in2_alarm Output voltage alarm.
in2_highest Highest output voltage.
in2_reset_history Reset output voltage history.
temp1_input Measured chip temperature.
temp1_alarm Temperature alarm.
temp1_highest Highest measured temperature.
temp1_reset_history Reset temperature history.
curr1_label "iin".
curr1_input Measured input current.
curr1_highest Highest input current.
curr1_reset_history Reset input current history.
curr2_label "iout1".
curr2_input Measured output current.
curr2_alarm Output current alarm.
curr2_highest Highest output current.
curr2_reset_history Reset output current history.
======================= =======================================================