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Kernel driver max1619
Supported chips:
* Maxim MAX1619
Prefix: 'max1619'
Addresses scanned: I2C 0x18-0x1a, 0x29-0x2b, 0x4c-0x4e
Datasheet: Publicly available at the Maxim website
- Oleksij Rempel <>,
- Jean Delvare <>
The MAX1619 is a digital temperature sensor. It senses its own temperature as
well as the temperature of up to one external diode.
All temperature values are given in degrees Celsius. Resolution
is 1.0 degree for the local temperature and for the remote temperature.
Only the external sensor has high and low limits.
The max1619 driver will not update its values more frequently than every
other second; reading them more often will do no harm, but will return
'old' values.