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.. SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0-or-later
Kernel driver mc34vr500
Supported Chips:
* NXP MC34VR500
Prefix: 'mc34vr500'
Author: Mario Kicherer <>
This driver implements initial support for the NXP MC34VR500 PMIC. The MC34VR500
monitors the temperature, input voltage and output currents and provides
corresponding alarms. For the temperature, the chip can send interrupts if
the temperature rises above one of the following values: 110°, 120°, 125° and
130° Celsius. For the input voltage, an interrupt is sent when the voltage
drops below 2.8V.
Currently, this driver only implements the input voltage and temperature
alarms. The interrupts are mapped as follows:
<= 2.8V -> in0_min_alarm
>110°c -> temp1_max_alarm
>120°c -> temp1_crit_alarm
>130°c -> temp1_emergency_alarm