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Kernel driver menf21bmc_hwmon
Supported chips:
* MEN 14F021P00
Prefix: 'menf21bmc_hwmon'
Addresses scanned: -
Author: Andreas Werner <>
The menf21bmc is a Board Management Controller (BMC) which provides an I2C
interface to the host to access the features implemented in the BMC.
This driver gives access to the voltage monitoring feature of the main
voltages of the board.
The voltage sensors are connected to the ADC inputs of the BMC which is
a PIC16F917 Mikrocontroller.
Usage Notes
This driver is part of the MFD driver named "menf21bmc" and does
not auto-detect devices.
You will have to instantiate the MFD driver explicitly.
Please see Documentation/i2c/instantiating-devices.rst for
Sysfs entries
The following attributes are supported. All attributes are read only
The Limits are read once by the driver.
=============== ==========================
in0_input +3.3V input voltage
in1_input +5.0V input voltage
in2_input +12.0V input voltage
in3_input +5V Standby input voltage
in4_input VBAT (on board battery)
in[0-4]_min Minimum voltage limit
in[0-4]_max Maximum voltage limit
in0_label "MON_3_3V"
in1_label "MON_5V"
in2_label "MON_12V"
in3_label "5V_STANDBY"
in4_label "VBAT"
=============== ==========================