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.. SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0
Kernel driver pli1209bc
Supported chips:
* Digital Supervisor PLI1209BC
Prefix: 'pli1209bc'
Addresses scanned: 0x50 - 0x5F
- Marcello Sylvester Bauer <>
The Vicor PLI1209BC is an isolated digital power system supervisor that provides
a communication interface between a host processor and one Bus Converter Module
(BCM). The PLI communicates with a system controller via a PMBus compatible
interface over an isolated UART interface. Through the PLI, the host processor
can configure, set protection limits, and monitor the BCM.
Sysfs entries
======================= ========================================================
in1_label "vin2"
in1_input Input voltage.
in1_rated_min Minimum rated input voltage.
in1_rated_max Maximum rated input voltage.
in1_max Maximum input voltage.
in1_max_alarm Input voltage high alarm.
in1_crit Critical input voltage.
in1_crit_alarm Input voltage critical alarm.
in2_label "vout2"
in2_input Output voltage.
in2_rated_min Minimum rated output voltage.
in2_rated_max Maximum rated output voltage.
in2_alarm Output voltage alarm
curr1_label "iin2"
curr1_input Input current.
curr1_max Maximum input current.
curr1_max_alarm Maximum input current high alarm.
curr1_crit Critical input current.
curr1_crit_alarm Input current critical alarm.
curr2_label "iout2"
curr2_input Output current.
curr2_crit Critical output current.
curr2_crit_alarm Output current critical alarm.
curr2_max Maximum output current.
curr2_max_alarm Output current high alarm.
power1_label "pin2"
power1_input Input power.
power1_alarm Input power alarm.
power2_label "pout2"
power2_input Output power.
power2_rated_max Maximum rated output power.
temp1_input Die temperature.
temp1_alarm Die temperature alarm.
temp1_max Maximum die temperature.
temp1_max_alarm Die temperature high alarm.
temp1_crit Critical die temperature.
temp1_crit_alarm Die temperature critical alarm.
======================= ========================================================