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.. SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0-only
Kernel driver pm6764tr
Supported chips:
* ST PM6764TR
Prefix: 'pm6764tr'
Addresses scanned: -
This driver supports the STMicroelectronics PM6764TR chip. The PM6764TR is a high
performance digital controller designed to power Intel's VR12.5 processors and memories.
The device utilizes digital technology to implement all control and power management
functions to provide maximum flexibility and performance. The NVM is embedded to store
custom configurations. The PM6764TR device features up to 4-phase programmable operation.
The PM6764TR supports power state transitions featuring VFDE, and programmable DPM
maintaining the best efficiency over all loading conditions without compromising transient
response. The device assures fast and independent protection against load overcurrent,
under/overvoltage and feedback disconnections.