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.. SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0-only
Kernel driver tps23861
Supported chips:
* Texas Instruments TPS23861
Prefix: 'tps23861'
Author: Robert Marko <>
This driver supports hardware monitoring for Texas Instruments TPS23861 PoE PSE.
TPS23861 is a quad port IEEE802.3at PSE controller with optional I2C control
and monitoring capabilities.
TPS23861 offers three modes of operation: Auto, Semi-Auto and Manual.
This driver only supports the Auto mode of operation providing monitoring
as well as enabling/disabling the four ports.
Sysfs entries
======================= =====================================================================
in[0-3]_input Voltage on ports [1-4]
in[0-3]_label "Port[1-4]"
in4_input IC input voltage
in4_label "Input"
temp1_input IC die temperature
temp1_label "Die"
curr[1-4]_input Current on ports [1-4]
in[1-4]_label "Port[1-4]"
in[0-3]_enable Enable/disable ports [1-4]
======================= =====================================================================