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Kernel driver vexpress
Supported systems:
* ARM Ltd. Versatile Express platform
Prefix: 'vexpress'
* "Hardware Description" sections of the Technical Reference Manuals
for the Versatile Express boards:
* Section "4.4.14. System Configuration registers" of the V2M-P1 TRM:
Author: Pawel Moll
Versatile Express platform ( is a
reference & prototyping system for ARM Ltd. processors. It can be set up
from a wide range of boards, each of them containing (apart of the main
chip/FPGA) a number of microcontrollers responsible for platform
configuration and control. These microcontrollers can also monitor the
board and its environment by a number of internal and external sensors,
providing information about power lines voltages and currents, board
temperature and power usage. Some of them also calculate consumed energy
and provide a cumulative use counter.
The configuration devices are _not_ memory mapped and must be accessed
via a custom interface, abstracted by the "vexpress_config" API.
As these devices are non-discoverable, they must be described in a Device
Tree passed to the kernel. Details of the DT binding for them can be found
in Documentation/devicetree/bindings/hwmon/vexpress.txt.