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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0 */
#include <uapi/linux/virtio_vsock.h>
#include <linux/socket.h>
#include <net/sock.h>
#include <net/af_vsock.h>
#define VIRTIO_VSOCK_MAX_PKT_BUF_SIZE (1024 * 64)
enum {
VSOCK_VQ_RX = 0, /* for host to guest data */
VSOCK_VQ_TX = 1, /* for guest to host data */
/* Per-socket state (accessed via vsk->trans) */
struct virtio_vsock_sock {
struct vsock_sock *vsk;
spinlock_t tx_lock;
spinlock_t rx_lock;
/* Protected by tx_lock */
u32 tx_cnt;
u32 peer_fwd_cnt;
u32 peer_buf_alloc;
/* Protected by rx_lock */
u32 fwd_cnt;
u32 last_fwd_cnt;
u32 rx_bytes;
u32 buf_alloc;
struct list_head rx_queue;
u32 msg_count;
struct virtio_vsock_pkt {
struct virtio_vsock_hdr hdr;
struct list_head list;
/* socket refcnt not held, only use for cancellation */
struct vsock_sock *vsk;
void *buf;
u32 buf_len;
u32 len;
u32 off;
bool reply;
bool tap_delivered;
struct virtio_vsock_pkt_info {
u32 remote_cid, remote_port;
struct vsock_sock *vsk;
struct msghdr *msg;
u32 pkt_len;
u16 type;
u16 op;
u32 flags;
bool reply;
struct virtio_transport {
/* This must be the first field */
struct vsock_transport transport;
/* Takes ownership of the packet */
int (*send_pkt)(struct virtio_vsock_pkt *pkt);
virtio_transport_stream_dequeue(struct vsock_sock *vsk,
struct msghdr *msg,
size_t len,
int type);
virtio_transport_dgram_dequeue(struct vsock_sock *vsk,
struct msghdr *msg,
size_t len, int flags);
virtio_transport_seqpacket_enqueue(struct vsock_sock *vsk,
struct msghdr *msg,
size_t len);
virtio_transport_seqpacket_dequeue(struct vsock_sock *vsk,
struct msghdr *msg,
int flags);
s64 virtio_transport_stream_has_data(struct vsock_sock *vsk);
s64 virtio_transport_stream_has_space(struct vsock_sock *vsk);
u32 virtio_transport_seqpacket_has_data(struct vsock_sock *vsk);
int virtio_transport_do_socket_init(struct vsock_sock *vsk,
struct vsock_sock *psk);
virtio_transport_notify_poll_in(struct vsock_sock *vsk,
size_t target,
bool *data_ready_now);
virtio_transport_notify_poll_out(struct vsock_sock *vsk,
size_t target,
bool *space_available_now);
int virtio_transport_notify_recv_init(struct vsock_sock *vsk,
size_t target, struct vsock_transport_recv_notify_data *data);
int virtio_transport_notify_recv_pre_block(struct vsock_sock *vsk,
size_t target, struct vsock_transport_recv_notify_data *data);
int virtio_transport_notify_recv_pre_dequeue(struct vsock_sock *vsk,
size_t target, struct vsock_transport_recv_notify_data *data);
int virtio_transport_notify_recv_post_dequeue(struct vsock_sock *vsk,
size_t target, ssize_t copied, bool data_read,
struct vsock_transport_recv_notify_data *data);
int virtio_transport_notify_send_init(struct vsock_sock *vsk,
struct vsock_transport_send_notify_data *data);
int virtio_transport_notify_send_pre_block(struct vsock_sock *vsk,
struct vsock_transport_send_notify_data *data);
int virtio_transport_notify_send_pre_enqueue(struct vsock_sock *vsk,
struct vsock_transport_send_notify_data *data);
int virtio_transport_notify_send_post_enqueue(struct vsock_sock *vsk,
ssize_t written, struct vsock_transport_send_notify_data *data);
void virtio_transport_notify_buffer_size(struct vsock_sock *vsk, u64 *val);
u64 virtio_transport_stream_rcvhiwat(struct vsock_sock *vsk);
bool virtio_transport_stream_is_active(struct vsock_sock *vsk);
bool virtio_transport_stream_allow(u32 cid, u32 port);
int virtio_transport_dgram_bind(struct vsock_sock *vsk,
struct sockaddr_vm *addr);
bool virtio_transport_dgram_allow(u32 cid, u32 port);
int virtio_transport_connect(struct vsock_sock *vsk);
int virtio_transport_shutdown(struct vsock_sock *vsk, int mode);
void virtio_transport_release(struct vsock_sock *vsk);
virtio_transport_stream_enqueue(struct vsock_sock *vsk,
struct msghdr *msg,
size_t len);
virtio_transport_dgram_enqueue(struct vsock_sock *vsk,
struct sockaddr_vm *remote_addr,
struct msghdr *msg,
size_t len);
void virtio_transport_destruct(struct vsock_sock *vsk);
void virtio_transport_recv_pkt(struct virtio_transport *t,
struct virtio_vsock_pkt *pkt);
void virtio_transport_free_pkt(struct virtio_vsock_pkt *pkt);
void virtio_transport_inc_tx_pkt(struct virtio_vsock_sock *vvs, struct virtio_vsock_pkt *pkt);
u32 virtio_transport_get_credit(struct virtio_vsock_sock *vvs, u32 wanted);
void virtio_transport_put_credit(struct virtio_vsock_sock *vvs, u32 credit);
void virtio_transport_deliver_tap_pkt(struct virtio_vsock_pkt *pkt);
#endif /* _LINUX_VIRTIO_VSOCK_H */