Merge tag 'for-linus' of git://

Pull kvm fixes from Paolo Bonzini:

   - Correctly expose GICv3 support even if no irqchip is created so
     that userspace doesn't observe it changing pointlessly (fixing a
     regression with QEMU)

   - Don't issue a hypercall to set the id-mapped vectors when protected
     mode is enabled (fix for pKVM in combination with CPUs affected by

  x86 (five oneliners, of which the most interesting two are):

   - a NULL pointer dereference on INVPCID executed with paging
     disabled, but only if KVM is using shadow paging

   - an incorrect bsearch comparison function which could truncate the
     result and apply PMU event filtering incorrectly. This one comes
     with a selftests update too"

* tag 'for-linus' of git://
  KVM: x86/mmu: fix NULL pointer dereference on guest INVPCID
  KVM: x86: hyper-v: fix type of valid_bank_mask
  KVM: Free new dirty bitmap if creating a new memslot fails
  KVM: eventfd: Fix false positive RCU usage warning
  selftests: kvm/x86: Verify the pmu event filter matches the correct event
  selftests: kvm/x86: Add the helper function create_pmu_event_filter
  kvm: x86/pmu: Fix the compare function used by the pmu event filter
  KVM: arm64: Don't hypercall before EL2 init
  KVM: arm64: vgic-v3: Consistently populate ID_AA64PFR0_EL1.GIC
  KVM: x86/mmu: Update number of zapped pages even if page list is stable