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* Andestech L2 cache Controller
The level-2 cache controller plays an important role in reducing memory latency
for high performance systems, such as thoese designs with AndesCore processors.
Level-2 cache controller in general enhances overall system performance
signigicantly and the system power consumption might be reduced as well by
reducing DRAM accesses.
This binding specifies what properties must be available in the device tree
representation of an Andestech L2 cache controller.
Required properties:
- compatible:
Usage: required
Value type: <string>
Definition: "andestech,atl2c"
- reg : Physical base address and size of cache controller's memory mapped
- cache-unified : Specifies the cache is a unified cache.
- cache-level : Should be set to 2 for a level 2 cache.
* Example
cache-controller@e0500000 {
compatible = "andestech,atl2c";
reg = <0xe0500000 0x1000>;
cache-level = <2>;