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* 440SPe's DMA engines support header file
* 2006-2009 (C) DENX Software Engineering.
* Author: Yuri Tikhonov <>
* This file is licensed under the term of the GNU General Public License
* version 2. The program licensed "as is" without any warranty of any
* kind, whether express or implied.
#ifndef _PPC440SPE_DMA_H
#define _PPC440SPE_DMA_H
#include <linux/types.h>
/* Number of elements in the array with statical CDBs */
#define MAX_STAT_DMA_CDBS 16
/* Number of DMA engines available on the contoller */
/* Maximum h/w supported number of destinations */
#define DMA_DEST_MAX_NUM 2
/* FIFO's params */
#define DMA0_FIFO_SIZE 0x1000
#define DMA1_FIFO_SIZE 0x1000
#define DMA_FIFO_ENABLE (1<<12)
/* DMA Configuration Register. Data Transfer Engine PLB Priority: */
#define DMA_CFG_DXEPR_LP (0<<26)
#define DMA_CFG_DXEPR_HP (3<<26)
#define DMA_CFG_DXEPR_HHP (2<<26)
#define DMA_CFG_DXEPR_HHHP (1<<26)
/* DMA Configuration Register. DMA FIFO Manager PLB Priority: */
#define DMA_CFG_DFMPP_LP (0<<23)
#define DMA_CFG_DFMPP_HP (3<<23)
#define DMA_CFG_DFMPP_HHP (2<<23)
#define DMA_CFG_DFMPP_HHHP (1<<23)
/* DMA Configuration Register. Force 64-byte Alignment */
#define DMA_CFG_FALGN (1 << 19)
#define D0CPF_INT (1<<12)
#define D0CSF_INT (1<<11)
#define D1CPF_INT (1<<10)
#define D1CSF_INT (1<<9)
#define DMAE_INT (1<<9)
/* I2O IOP Interrupt Mask Register */
#define I2O_IOPIM_P0SNE (1<<3)
#define I2O_IOPIM_P0EM (1<<5)
#define I2O_IOPIM_P1SNE (1<<6)
#define I2O_IOPIM_P1EM (1<<8)
/* DMA CDB fields */
#define DMA_CDB_MSK (0xF)
#define DMA_CDB_64B_ADDR (1<<2)
#define DMA_CDB_NO_INT (1<<3)
#define DMA_CDB_STATUS_MSK (0x3)
/* DMA CDB OpCodes */
#define DMA_CDB_OPC_NO_OP (0x00)
#define DMA_CDB_OPC_MV_SG1_SG2 (0x01)
#define DMA_CDB_OPC_MULTICAST (0x05)
#define DMA_CDB_OPC_DFILL128 (0x24)
#define DMA_CDB_OPC_DCHECK128 (0x23)
#define DMA_CUED_XOR_BASE (0x10000000)
#define DMA_CUED_XOR_HB (0x00000008)
#ifdef CONFIG_440SP
#define DMA_CUED_MULT1_OFF 0
#define DMA_CUED_MULT2_OFF 8
#define DMA_CUED_MULT3_OFF 16
#define DMA_CUED_XOR_WIN_MSK (0xFC000000)
#define DMA_CUED_MULT1_OFF 2
#define DMA_CUED_MULT2_OFF 10
#define DMA_CUED_MULT3_OFF 18
#define DMA_CUED_XOR_WIN_MSK (0xF0000000)
#define DMA_RXOR123 0x0
#define DMA_RXOR124 0x1
#define DMA_RXOR125 0x2
#define DMA_RXOR12 0x3
/* S/G addresses */
#define DMA_CDB_SG_SRC 1
#define DMA_CDB_SG_DST1 2
#define DMA_CDB_SG_DST2 3
* DMAx engines Command Descriptor Block Type
struct dma_cdb {
* Basic CDB structure (Table 20-17, p.499, 440spe_um_1_22.pdf)
u8 pad0[2]; /* reserved */
u8 attr; /* attributes */
u8 opc; /* opcode */
u32 sg1u; /* upper SG1 address */
u32 sg1l; /* lower SG1 address */
u32 cnt; /* SG count, 3B used */
u32 sg2u; /* upper SG2 address */
u32 sg2l; /* lower SG2 address */
u32 sg3u; /* upper SG3 address */
u32 sg3l; /* lower SG3 address */
* DMAx hardware registers (p.515 in 440SPe UM 1.22)
struct dma_regs {
u32 cpfpl;
u32 cpfph;
u32 csfpl;
u32 csfph;
u32 dsts;
u32 cfg;
u8 pad0[0x8];
u16 cpfhp;
u16 cpftp;
u16 csfhp;
u16 csftp;
u8 pad1[0x8];
u32 acpl;
u32 acph;
u32 s1bpl;
u32 s1bph;
u32 s2bpl;
u32 s2bph;
u32 s3bpl;
u32 s3bph;
u8 pad2[0x10];
u32 earl;
u32 earh;
u8 pad3[0x8];
u32 seat;
u32 sead;
u32 op;
u32 fsiz;
* I2O hardware registers (p.528 in 440SPe UM 1.22)
struct i2o_regs {
u32 ists;
u32 iseat;
u32 isead;
u8 pad0[0x14];
u32 idbel;
u8 pad1[0xc];
u32 ihis;
u32 ihim;
u8 pad2[0x8];
u32 ihiq;
u32 ihoq;
u8 pad3[0x8];
u32 iopis;
u32 iopim;
u32 iopiq;
u8 iopoq;
u8 pad4[3];
u16 iiflh;
u16 iiflt;
u16 iiplh;
u16 iiplt;
u16 ioflh;
u16 ioflt;
u16 ioplh;
u16 ioplt;
u32 iidc;
u32 ictl;
u32 ifcpp;
u8 pad5[0x4];
u16 mfac0;
u16 mfac1;
u16 mfac2;
u16 mfac3;
u16 mfac4;
u16 mfac5;
u16 mfac6;
u16 mfac7;
u16 ifcfh;
u16 ifcht;
u8 pad6[0x4];
u32 iifmc;
u32 iodb;
u32 iodbc;
u32 ifbal;
u32 ifbah;
u32 ifsiz;
u32 ispd0;
u32 ispd1;
u32 ispd2;
u32 ispd3;
u32 ihipl;
u32 ihiph;
u32 ihopl;
u32 ihoph;
u32 iiipl;
u32 iiiph;
u32 iiopl;
u32 iioph;
u32 ifcpl;
u32 ifcph;
u8 pad7[0x8];
u32 iopt;
#endif /* _PPC440SPE_DMA_H */