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# SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0-only
config DRM_I915_UNSTABLE
bool "Enable unstable API for early prototype development"
depends on EXPERT
depends on STAGING
depends on BROKEN # should never be enabled by distros!
# We use the dependency on !COMPILE_TEST to not be enabled in
# allmodconfig or allyesconfig configurations
depends on !COMPILE_TEST
default n
Enable prototype uAPI under general discussion before they are
finalized. Such prototypes may be withdrawn or substantially
changed before release. They are only enabled here so that a wide
number of interested parties (userspace driver developers) can
verify that the uAPI meet their expectations. These uAPI should
never be used in production.
Recommended for driver developers _only_.
If in the slightest bit of doubt, say "N".
bool "Enable the experimental fake lmem"
depends on DRM_I915_UNSTABLE
default n
Convert some system memory into a fake local memory region for