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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0 */
* Copyright (C) 2020 Linaro Ltd
#define RPM_BUS_MASTER_REQ 0x73616d62
#define RPM_BUS_SLAVE_REQ 0x766c7362
#define to_qcom_provider(_provider) \
container_of(_provider, struct qcom_icc_provider, provider)
* struct qcom_icc_provider - Qualcomm specific interconnect provider
* @provider: generic interconnect provider
* @bus_clks: the clk_bulk_data table of bus clocks
* @num_clks: the total number of clk_bulk_data entries
* @is_bimc_node: indicates whether to use bimc specific setting
* @qos_offset: offset to QoS registers
* @regmap: regmap for QoS registers read/write access
struct qcom_icc_provider {
struct icc_provider provider;
int num_clks;
bool is_bimc_node;
struct regmap *regmap;
unsigned int qos_offset;
struct clk_bulk_data bus_clks[];
* struct qcom_icc_qos - Qualcomm specific interconnect QoS parameters
* @areq_prio: node requests priority
* @prio_level: priority level for bus communication
* @limit_commands: activate/deactivate limiter mode during runtime
* @ap_owned: indicates if the node is owned by the AP or by the RPM
* @qos_mode: default qos mode for this node
* @qos_port: qos port number for finding qos registers of this node
struct qcom_icc_qos {
u32 areq_prio;
u32 prio_level;
bool limit_commands;
bool ap_owned;
int qos_mode;
int qos_port;
* struct qcom_icc_node - Qualcomm specific interconnect nodes
* @name: the node name used in debugfs
* @id: a unique node identifier
* @links: an array of nodes where we can go next while traversing
* @num_links: the total number of @links
* @buswidth: width of the interconnect between a node and the bus (bytes)
* @mas_rpm_id: RPM id for devices that are bus masters
* @slv_rpm_id: RPM id for devices that are bus slaves
* @qos: NoC QoS setting parameters
* @rate: current bus clock rate in Hz
struct qcom_icc_node {
unsigned char *name;
u16 id;
const u16 *links;
u16 num_links;
u16 buswidth;
int mas_rpm_id;
int slv_rpm_id;
struct qcom_icc_qos qos;
u64 rate;
struct qcom_icc_desc {
struct qcom_icc_node **nodes;
size_t num_nodes;
const char * const *clocks;
size_t num_clocks;
bool is_bimc_node;
const struct regmap_config *regmap_cfg;
unsigned int qos_offset;
/* Valid for both NoC and BIMC */
#define NOC_QOS_MODE_FIXED 0x0
int qnoc_probe(struct platform_device *pdev);
int qnoc_remove(struct platform_device *pdev);