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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0-only */
/* hermes.h
* Driver core for the "Hermes" wireless MAC controller, as used in
* the Lucent Orinoco and Cabletron RoamAbout cards. It should also
* work on the hfa3841 and hfa3842 MAC controller chips used in the
* Prism I & II chipsets.
* This is not a complete driver, just low-level access routines for
* the MAC controller itself.
* Based on the prism2 driver from Absolute Value Systems' linux-wlan
* project, the Linux wvlan_cs driver, Lucent's HCF-Light
* (wvlan_hcf.c) library, and the NetBSD wireless driver.
* Copyright (C) 2000, David Gibson, Linuxcare Australia.
* (C) Copyright David Gibson, IBM Corp. 2001-2003.
* Portions taken from hfa384x.h.
* Copyright (C) 1999 AbsoluteValue Systems, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
#ifndef _HERMES_H
#define _HERMES_H
/* Notes on locking:
* As a module of low level hardware access routines, there is no
* locking. Users of this module should ensure that they serialize
* access to the hermes structure, and to the hardware
#include <linux/if_ether.h>
#include <linux/io.h>
* Limits and constants
#define HERMES_ALLOC_LEN_MAX (2400)
#define HERMES_LTV_LEN_MAX (34)
#define HERMES_BAP_OFFSET_MAX (4096)
#define HERMES_PDR_LEN_MAX (260) /* in bytes, from EK */
#define HERMES_PDA_RECS_MAX (200) /* a guess */
#define HERMES_PDA_LEN_MAX (1024) /* in bytes, from EK */
#define HERMES_MAGIC (0x7d1f)
* Hermes register offsets
#define HERMES_CMD (0x00)
#define HERMES_PARAM0 (0x02)
#define HERMES_PARAM1 (0x04)
#define HERMES_PARAM2 (0x06)
#define HERMES_STATUS (0x08)
#define HERMES_RESP0 (0x0A)
#define HERMES_RESP1 (0x0C)
#define HERMES_RESP2 (0x0E)
#define HERMES_INFOFID (0x10)
#define HERMES_RXFID (0x20)
#define HERMES_ALLOCFID (0x22)
#define HERMES_TXCOMPLFID (0x24)
#define HERMES_SELECT0 (0x18)
#define HERMES_OFFSET0 (0x1C)
#define HERMES_DATA0 (0x36)
#define HERMES_SELECT1 (0x1A)
#define HERMES_OFFSET1 (0x1E)
#define HERMES_DATA1 (0x38)
#define HERMES_EVSTAT (0x30)
#define HERMES_INTEN (0x32)
#define HERMES_EVACK (0x34)
#define HERMES_CONTROL (0x14)
#define HERMES_SWSUPPORT0 (0x28)
#define HERMES_SWSUPPORT1 (0x2A)
#define HERMES_SWSUPPORT2 (0x2C)
#define HERMES_AUXPAGE (0x3A)
#define HERMES_AUXDATA (0x3E)
* CMD register bitmasks
#define HERMES_CMD_BUSY (0x8000)
#define HERMES_CMD_AINFO (0x7f00)
#define HERMES_CMD_MACPORT (0x0700)
#define HERMES_CMD_RECL (0x0100)
#define HERMES_CMD_WRITE (0x0100)
#define HERMES_CMD_PROGMODE (0x0300)
#define HERMES_CMD_CMDCODE (0x003f)
* STATUS register bitmasks
#define HERMES_STATUS_RESULT (0x7f00)
#define HERMES_STATUS_CMDCODE (0x003f)
* OFFSET register bitmasks
#define HERMES_OFFSET_BUSY (0x8000)
#define HERMES_OFFSET_ERR (0x4000)
#define HERMES_OFFSET_DATAOFF (0x0ffe)
* Event register bitmasks (INTEN, EVSTAT, EVACK)
#define HERMES_EV_TICK (0x8000)
#define HERMES_EV_WTERR (0x4000)
#define HERMES_EV_INFDROP (0x2000)
#define HERMES_EV_INFO (0x0080)
#define HERMES_EV_DTIM (0x0020)
#define HERMES_EV_CMD (0x0010)
#define HERMES_EV_ALLOC (0x0008)
#define HERMES_EV_TXEXC (0x0004)
#define HERMES_EV_TX (0x0002)
#define HERMES_EV_RX (0x0001)
* Command codes
/*--- Controller Commands ----------------------------*/
#define HERMES_CMD_INIT (0x0000)
#define HERMES_CMD_ENABLE (0x0001)
#define HERMES_CMD_DISABLE (0x0002)
#define HERMES_CMD_DIAG (0x0003)
/*--- Buffer Mgmt Commands ---------------------------*/
#define HERMES_CMD_ALLOC (0x000A)
#define HERMES_CMD_TX (0x000B)
/*--- Regulate Commands ------------------------------*/
#define HERMES_CMD_NOTIFY (0x0010)
#define HERMES_CMD_INQUIRE (0x0011)
/*--- Configure Commands -----------------------------*/
#define HERMES_CMD_ACCESS (0x0021)
#define HERMES_CMD_DOWNLD (0x0022)
/*--- Serial I/O Commands ----------------------------*/
#define HERMES_CMD_READMIF (0x0030)
#define HERMES_CMD_WRITEMIF (0x0031)
/*--- Debugging Commands -----------------------------*/
#define HERMES_CMD_TEST (0x0038)
/* Test command arguments */
#define HERMES_TEST_MONITOR 0x0b00
#define HERMES_TEST_STOP 0x0f00
/* Authentication algorithms */
/* WEP settings */
/* Symbol hostscan options */
* Frame structures and constants
#define HERMES_802_11_OFFSET (14)
#define HERMES_802_3_OFFSET (14 + 32)
#define HERMES_802_2_OFFSET (14 + 32 + 14)
#define HERMES_RXSTAT_ERR (0x0003)
#define HERMES_RXSTAT_BADCRC (0x0001)
#define HERMES_RXSTAT_MIC (0x0010) /* Frame contains MIC */
#define HERMES_RXSTAT_MACPORT (0x0700)
#define HERMES_RXSTAT_PCF (0x1000) /* Frame was received in CF period */
#define HERMES_RXSTAT_MIC_KEY_ID (0x1800) /* MIC key used */
#define HERMES_RXSTAT_1042 (0x2000) /* RFC-1042 frame */
#define HERMES_RXSTAT_TUNNEL (0x4000) /* bridge-tunnel encoded frame */
#define HERMES_RXSTAT_WMP (0x6000) /* Wavelan-II Management Protocol frame */
/* Shift amount for key ID in RXSTAT and TXCTRL */
struct hermes_tx_descriptor {
__le16 status;
__le16 reserved1;
__le16 reserved2;
__le32 sw_support;
u8 retry_count;
u8 tx_rate;
__le16 tx_control;
} __packed;
#define HERMES_TXSTAT_AGEDERR (0x0002)
#define HERMES_TXSTAT_DISCON (0x0004)
#define HERMES_TXSTAT_FORMERR (0x0008)
#define HERMES_TXCTRL_TX_OK (0x0002) /* ?? interrupt on Tx complete */
#define HERMES_TXCTRL_TX_EX (0x0004) /* ?? interrupt on Tx exception */
#define HERMES_TXCTRL_802_11 (0x0008) /* We supply 802.11 header */
#define HERMES_TXCTRL_MIC (0x0010) /* 802.3 + TKIP */
#define HERMES_TXCTRL_MIC_KEY_ID (0x1800) /* MIC Key ID mask */
#define HERMES_TXCTRL_ALT_RTRY (0x0020)
/* Inquiry constants and data types */
#define HERMES_INQ_TALLIES (0xF100)
#define HERMES_INQ_SCAN (0xF101)
#define HERMES_INQ_HOSTSCAN (0xF103)
struct hermes_tallies_frame {
__le16 TxUnicastFrames;
__le16 TxMulticastFrames;
__le16 TxFragments;
__le16 TxUnicastOctets;
__le16 TxMulticastOctets;
__le16 TxDeferredTransmissions;
__le16 TxSingleRetryFrames;
__le16 TxMultipleRetryFrames;
__le16 TxRetryLimitExceeded;
__le16 TxDiscards;
__le16 RxUnicastFrames;
__le16 RxMulticastFrames;
__le16 RxFragments;
__le16 RxUnicastOctets;
__le16 RxMulticastOctets;
__le16 RxFCSErrors;
__le16 RxDiscards_NoBuffer;
__le16 TxDiscardsWrongSA;
__le16 RxWEPUndecryptable;
__le16 RxMsgInMsgFragments;
__le16 RxMsgInBadMsgFragments;
/* Those last are probably not available in very old firmwares */
__le16 RxDiscards_WEPICVError;
__le16 RxDiscards_WEPExcluded;
} __packed;
/* Grabbed from wlan-ng - Thanks Mark... - Jean II
* This is the result of a scan inquiry command */
/* Structure describing info about an Access Point */
struct prism2_scan_apinfo {
__le16 channel; /* Channel where the AP sits */
__le16 noise; /* Noise level */
__le16 level; /* Signal level */
u8 bssid[ETH_ALEN]; /* MAC address of the Access Point */
__le16 beacon_interv; /* Beacon interval */
__le16 capabilities; /* Capabilities */
__le16 essid_len; /* ESSID length */
u8 essid[32]; /* ESSID of the network */
u8 rates[10]; /* Bit rate supported */
__le16 proberesp_rate; /* Data rate of the response frame */
__le16 atim; /* ATIM window time, Kus (hostscan only) */
} __packed;
/* Same stuff for the Lucent/Agere card.
* Thanks to h1kari <h1kari AT> - Jean II */
struct agere_scan_apinfo {
__le16 channel; /* Channel where the AP sits */
__le16 noise; /* Noise level */
__le16 level; /* Signal level */
u8 bssid[ETH_ALEN]; /* MAC address of the Access Point */
__le16 beacon_interv; /* Beacon interval */
__le16 capabilities; /* Capabilities */
/* bits: 0-ess, 1-ibss, 4-privacy [wep] */
__le16 essid_len; /* ESSID length */
u8 essid[32]; /* ESSID of the network */
} __packed;
/* Moustafa: Scan structure for Symbol cards */
struct symbol_scan_apinfo {
u8 channel; /* Channel where the AP sits */
u8 unknown1; /* 8 in 2.9x and 3.9x f/w, 0 otherwise */
__le16 noise; /* Noise level */
__le16 level; /* Signal level */
u8 bssid[ETH_ALEN]; /* MAC address of the Access Point */
__le16 beacon_interv; /* Beacon interval */
__le16 capabilities; /* Capabilities */
/* bits: 0-ess, 1-ibss, 4-privacy [wep] */
__le16 essid_len; /* ESSID length */
u8 essid[32]; /* ESSID of the network */
__le16 rates[5]; /* Bit rate supported */
__le16 basic_rates; /* Basic rates bitmask */
u8 unknown2[6]; /* Always FF:FF:FF:FF:00:00 */
u8 unknown3[8]; /* Always 0, appeared in f/w 3.91-68 */
} __packed;
union hermes_scan_info {
struct agere_scan_apinfo a;
struct prism2_scan_apinfo p;
struct symbol_scan_apinfo s;
/* Extended scan struct for HERMES_INQ_CHANNELINFO.
* wl_lkm calls this an ACS scan (Automatic Channel Select).
* Keep out of union hermes_scan_info because it is much bigger than
* the older scan structures. */
struct agere_ext_scan_info {
__le16 reserved0;
u8 noise;
u8 level;
u8 rx_flow;
u8 rate;
__le16 reserved1[2];
__le16 frame_control;
__le16 dur_id;
u8 addr1[ETH_ALEN];
u8 addr2[ETH_ALEN];
u8 bssid[ETH_ALEN];
__le16 sequence;
u8 addr4[ETH_ALEN];
__le16 data_length;
/* Next 3 fields do not get filled in. */
u8 daddr[ETH_ALEN];
u8 saddr[ETH_ALEN];
__le16 len_type;
__le64 timestamp;
__le16 beacon_interval;
__le16 capabilities;
u8 data[];
} __packed;
struct hermes_linkstatus {
__le16 linkstatus; /* Link status */
} __packed;
struct hermes_response {
u16 status, resp0, resp1, resp2;
/* "ID" structure - used for ESSID and station nickname */
struct hermes_idstring {
__le16 len;
__le16 val[16];
} __packed;
struct hermes_multicast {
} __packed;
/* Timeouts */
#define HERMES_BAP_BUSY_TIMEOUT (10000) /* In iterations of ~1us */
struct hermes;
/* Functions to access hardware */
struct hermes_ops {
int (*init)(struct hermes *hw);
int (*cmd_wait)(struct hermes *hw, u16 cmd, u16 parm0,
struct hermes_response *resp);
int (*init_cmd_wait)(struct hermes *hw, u16 cmd,
u16 parm0, u16 parm1, u16 parm2,
struct hermes_response *resp);
int (*allocate)(struct hermes *hw, u16 size, u16 *fid);
int (*read_ltv)(struct hermes *hw, int bap, u16 rid, unsigned buflen,
u16 *length, void *buf);
int (*read_ltv_pr)(struct hermes *hw, int bap, u16 rid,
unsigned buflen, u16 *length, void *buf);
int (*write_ltv)(struct hermes *hw, int bap, u16 rid,
u16 length, const void *value);
int (*bap_pread)(struct hermes *hw, int bap, void *buf, int len,
u16 id, u16 offset);
int (*bap_pwrite)(struct hermes *hw, int bap, const void *buf,
int len, u16 id, u16 offset);
int (*read_pda)(struct hermes *hw, __le16 *pda,
u32 pda_addr, u16 pda_len);
int (*program_init)(struct hermes *hw, u32 entry_point);
int (*program_end)(struct hermes *hw);
int (*program)(struct hermes *hw, const char *buf,
u32 addr, u32 len);
void (*lock_irqsave)(spinlock_t *lock, unsigned long *flags);
void (*unlock_irqrestore)(spinlock_t *lock, unsigned long *flags);
void (*lock_irq)(spinlock_t *lock);
void (*unlock_irq)(spinlock_t *lock);
/* Basic control structure */
struct hermes {
void __iomem *iobase;
int reg_spacing;
u16 inten; /* Which interrupts should be enabled? */
bool eeprom_pda;
const struct hermes_ops *ops;
void *priv;
/* Register access convenience macros */
#define hermes_read_reg(hw, off) \
(ioread16((hw)->iobase + ((off) << (hw)->reg_spacing)))
#define hermes_write_reg(hw, off, val) \
(iowrite16((val), (hw)->iobase + ((off) << (hw)->reg_spacing)))
#define hermes_read_regn(hw, name) hermes_read_reg((hw), HERMES_##name)
#define hermes_write_regn(hw, name, val) \
hermes_write_reg((hw), HERMES_##name, (val))
/* Function prototypes */
void hermes_struct_init(struct hermes *hw, void __iomem *address,
int reg_spacing);
/* Inline functions */
static inline int hermes_present(struct hermes *hw)
return hermes_read_regn(hw, SWSUPPORT0) == HERMES_MAGIC;
static inline void hermes_set_irqmask(struct hermes *hw, u16 events)
hw->inten = events;
hermes_write_regn(hw, INTEN, events);
static inline int hermes_enable_port(struct hermes *hw, int port)
return hw->ops->cmd_wait(hw, HERMES_CMD_ENABLE | (port << 8),
0, NULL);
static inline int hermes_disable_port(struct hermes *hw, int port)
return hw->ops->cmd_wait(hw, HERMES_CMD_DISABLE | (port << 8),
0, NULL);
/* Initiate an INQUIRE command (tallies or scan). The result will come as an
* information frame in __orinoco_ev_info() */
static inline int hermes_inquire(struct hermes *hw, u16 rid)
return hw->ops->cmd_wait(hw, HERMES_CMD_INQUIRE, rid, NULL);
#define HERMES_BYTES_TO_RECLEN(n) ((((n) + 1) / 2) + 1)
#define HERMES_RECLEN_TO_BYTES(n) (((n) - 1) * 2)
/* Note that for the next two, the count is in 16-bit words, not bytes */
static inline void hermes_read_words(struct hermes *hw, int off,
void *buf, unsigned count)
off = off << hw->reg_spacing;
ioread16_rep(hw->iobase + off, buf, count);
static inline void hermes_write_bytes(struct hermes *hw, int off,
const char *buf, unsigned count)
off = off << hw->reg_spacing;
iowrite16_rep(hw->iobase + off, buf, count >> 1);
if (unlikely(count & 1))
iowrite8(buf[count - 1], hw->iobase + off);
static inline void hermes_clear_words(struct hermes *hw, int off,
unsigned count)
unsigned i;
off = off << hw->reg_spacing;
for (i = 0; i < count; i++)
iowrite16(0, hw->iobase + off);
#define HERMES_READ_RECORD(hw, bap, rid, buf) \
(hw->ops->read_ltv((hw), (bap), (rid), sizeof(*buf), NULL, (buf)))
#define HERMES_READ_RECORD_PR(hw, bap, rid, buf) \
(hw->ops->read_ltv_pr((hw), (bap), (rid), sizeof(*buf), NULL, (buf)))
#define HERMES_WRITE_RECORD(hw, bap, rid, buf) \
(hw->ops->write_ltv((hw), (bap), (rid), \
HERMES_BYTES_TO_RECLEN(sizeof(*buf)), (buf)))
static inline int hermes_read_wordrec(struct hermes *hw, int bap, u16 rid,
u16 *word)
__le16 rec;
int err;
err = HERMES_READ_RECORD(hw, bap, rid, &rec);
*word = le16_to_cpu(rec);
return err;
static inline int hermes_read_wordrec_pr(struct hermes *hw, int bap, u16 rid,
u16 *word)
__le16 rec;
int err;
err = HERMES_READ_RECORD_PR(hw, bap, rid, &rec);
*word = le16_to_cpu(rec);
return err;
static inline int hermes_write_wordrec(struct hermes *hw, int bap, u16 rid,
u16 word)
__le16 rec = cpu_to_le16(word);
return HERMES_WRITE_RECORD(hw, bap, rid, &rec);
#endif /* _HERMES_H */