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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0 */
/* Raytheon wireless LAN PCMCIA card driver for Linux
A PCMCIA client driver for the Raylink wireless network card
Written by Corey Thomas
#ifndef _RAY_CS_H_
#define _RAY_CS_H_
struct beacon_rx {
struct mac_header mac;
UCHAR timestamp[8];
UCHAR beacon_intvl[2];
UCHAR capability[2];
UCHAR elements[sizeof(struct essid_element)
+ sizeof(struct rates_element)
+ sizeof(struct freq_hop_element)
+ sizeof(struct japan_call_sign_element)
+ sizeof(struct tim_element)];
/* Return values for get_free{,_tx}_ccs */
#define ECCSFULL (-1)
#define ECCSBUSY (-2)
#define ECARDGONE (-3)
typedef struct ray_dev_t {
int card_status;
int authentication_state;
void __iomem *sram; /* pointer to beginning of shared RAM */
void __iomem *amem; /* pointer to attribute mem window */
void __iomem *rmem; /* pointer to receive buffer window */
struct pcmcia_device *finder; /* pointer back to struct pcmcia_device for card */
struct timer_list timer;
unsigned long tx_ccs_lock;
unsigned long ccs_lock;
int dl_param_ccs;
union {
struct b4_startup_params b4;
struct b5_startup_params b5;
} sparm;
int timeout_flag;
UCHAR supported_rates[8];
UCHAR japan_call_sign[12];
struct startup_res_6 startup_res;
int num_multi;
/* Network parameters from start/join */
UCHAR bss_id[6];
UCHAR auth_id[6];
UCHAR net_default_tx_rate;
UCHAR encryption;
struct net_device_stats stats;
UCHAR net_type;
UCHAR sta_type;
UCHAR fw_ver;
UCHAR fw_bld;
UCHAR fw_var;
UCHAR ASIC_version;
UCHAR assoc_id[2];
UCHAR tib_length;
UCHAR last_rsl;
int beacon_rxed;
struct beacon_rx last_bcn;
iw_stats wstats; /* Wireless specific stats */
struct iw_spy_data spy_data;
struct iw_public_data wireless_data;
#endif /* WIRELESS_SPY */
} ray_dev_t;
#endif /* _RAY_CS_H_ */