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set -e
# When you move, remove or rename generated files, you probably also update
# .gitignore and cleaning rules in the Makefile. This is the right thing
# to do. However, people usually do 'git pull', 'git bisect', etc. without
# running 'make clean'. Then, the stale generated files are left over, often
# causing build issues.
# Also, 'git status' shows such stale build artifacts as untracked files.
# What is worse, some people send a wrong patch to get them back to .gitignore
# without checking the commit history.
# So, when you (re)move generated files, please move the cleaning rules from
# the Makefile to this script. This is run before Kbuild starts building
# anything, so people will not be annoyed by such garbage files.
# This script is not intended to grow endlessly. Rather, it is a temporary scrap
# yard. Stale files stay in this file for a while (for some release cycles?),
# then will be really dead and removed from the code base entirely.
# These were previously generated source files. When you are building the kernel
# with O=, make sure to remove the stale files in the output tree. Otherwise,
# the build system wrongly compiles the stale ones.
if [ -n "${building_out_of_srctree}" ]; then
for f in fdt_rw.c fdt_ro.c fdt_wip.c fdt.c
rm -f arch/arm/boot/compressed/${f}
for f in uart-ath79.c ashldi3.c bswapdi.c bswapsi.c
rm -f arch/mips/boot/compressed/${f}