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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0-only */
* Copyright © 2006, Intel Corporation.
#ifndef IOP_ADMA_H
#define IOP_ADMA_H
#include <linux/types.h>
#include <linux/dmaengine.h>
#include <linux/interrupt.h>
#ifdef DEBUG
#define IOP_PARANOIA 1
#define IOP_PARANOIA 0
#define iop_paranoia(x) BUG_ON(IOP_PARANOIA && (x))
#define DMA0_ID 0
#define DMA1_ID 1
#define AAU_ID 2
* struct iop_adma_device - internal representation of an ADMA device
* @pdev: Platform device
* @id: HW ADMA Device selector
* @dma_desc_pool: base of DMA descriptor region (DMA address)
* @dma_desc_pool_virt: base of DMA descriptor region (CPU address)
* @common: embedded struct dma_device
struct iop_adma_device {
struct platform_device *pdev;
int id;
dma_addr_t dma_desc_pool;
void *dma_desc_pool_virt;
struct dma_device common;
* struct iop_adma_chan - internal representation of an ADMA device
* @pending: allows batching of hardware operations
* @lock: serializes enqueue/dequeue operations to the slot pool
* @mmr_base: memory mapped register base
* @chain: device chain view of the descriptors
* @device: parent device
* @common: common dmaengine channel object members
* @last_used: place holder for allocation to continue from where it left off
* @all_slots: complete domain of slots usable by the channel
* @slots_allocated: records the actual size of the descriptor slot pool
* @irq_tasklet: bottom half where iop_adma_slot_cleanup runs
struct iop_adma_chan {
int pending;
spinlock_t lock; /* protects the descriptor slot pool */
void __iomem *mmr_base;
struct list_head chain;
struct iop_adma_device *device;
struct dma_chan common;
struct iop_adma_desc_slot *last_used;
struct list_head all_slots;
int slots_allocated;
struct tasklet_struct irq_tasklet;
* struct iop_adma_desc_slot - IOP-ADMA software descriptor
* @slot_node: node on the iop_adma_chan.all_slots list
* @chain_node: node on the op_adma_chan.chain list
* @hw_desc: virtual address of the hardware descriptor chain
* @phys: hardware address of the hardware descriptor chain
* @group_head: first operation in a transaction
* @slot_cnt: total slots used in an transaction (group of operations)
* @slots_per_op: number of slots per operation
* @idx: pool index
* @tx_list: list of descriptors that are associated with one operation
* @async_tx: support for the async_tx api
* @group_list: list of slots that make up a multi-descriptor transaction
* for example transfer lengths larger than the supported hw max
* @xor_check_result: result of zero sum
* @crc32_result: result crc calculation
struct iop_adma_desc_slot {
struct list_head slot_node;
struct list_head chain_node;
void *hw_desc;
struct iop_adma_desc_slot *group_head;
u16 slot_cnt;
u16 slots_per_op;
u16 idx;
struct list_head tx_list;
struct dma_async_tx_descriptor async_tx;
union {
u32 *xor_check_result;
u32 *crc32_result;
u32 *pq_check_result;
struct iop_adma_platform_data {
int hw_id;
dma_cap_mask_t cap_mask;
size_t pool_size;
#define to_iop_sw_desc(addr_hw_desc) \
container_of(addr_hw_desc, struct iop_adma_desc_slot, hw_desc)
#define iop_hw_desc_slot_idx(hw_desc, idx) \
( (void *) (((unsigned long) hw_desc) + ((idx) << 5)) )