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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0-only */
* MMC definitions for OMAP2
* Copyright (C) 2006 Nokia Corporation
struct mmc_card;
struct omap_mmc_platform_data {
/* back-link to device */
struct device *dev;
/* number of slots per controller */
unsigned nr_slots:2;
/* set if your board has components or wiring that limits the
* maximum frequency on the MMC bus */
unsigned int max_freq;
/* switch the bus to a new slot */
int (*switch_slot)(struct device *dev, int slot);
/* initialize board-specific MMC functionality, can be NULL if
* not supported */
int (*init)(struct device *dev);
void (*cleanup)(struct device *dev);
void (*shutdown)(struct device *dev);
/* Return context loss count due to PM states changing */
int (*get_context_loss_count)(struct device *dev);
/* Integrating attributes from the omap_hwmod layer */
u8 controller_flags;
/* Register offset deviation */
u16 reg_offset;
struct omap_mmc_slot_data {
* 4/8 wires and any additional host capabilities
* need to OR'd all capabilities (ref. linux/mmc/host.h)
u8 wires; /* Used for the MMC driver on omap1 and 2420 */
u32 caps; /* Used for the MMC driver on 2430 and later */
u32 pm_caps; /* PM capabilities of the mmc */
* nomux means "standard" muxing is wrong on this board, and
* that board-specific code handled it before common init logic.
unsigned nomux:1;
/* switch pin can be for card detect (default) or card cover */
unsigned cover:1;
/* use the internal clock */
unsigned internal_clock:1;
/* nonremovable e.g. eMMC */
unsigned nonremovable:1;
/* Try to sleep or power off when possible */
unsigned power_saving:1;
/* If using power_saving and the MMC power is not to go off */
unsigned no_off:1;
/* eMMC does not handle power off when not in sleep state */
unsigned no_regulator_off_init:1;
/* Regulator off remapped to sleep */
unsigned vcc_aux_disable_is_sleep:1;
/* we can put the features above into this variable */
#define MMC_OMAP7XX (1 << 3)
#define MMC_OMAP15XX (1 << 4)
#define MMC_OMAP16XX (1 << 5)
unsigned features;
int switch_pin; /* gpio (card detect) */
int gpio_wp; /* gpio (write protect) */
int (*set_bus_mode)(struct device *dev, int slot, int bus_mode);
int (*set_power)(struct device *dev, int slot,
int power_on, int vdd);
int (*get_ro)(struct device *dev, int slot);
void (*remux)(struct device *dev, int slot, int power_on);
/* Call back before enabling / disabling regulators */
void (*before_set_reg)(struct device *dev, int slot,
int power_on, int vdd);
/* Call back after enabling / disabling regulators */
void (*after_set_reg)(struct device *dev, int slot,
int power_on, int vdd);
/* if we have special card, init it using this callback */
void (*init_card)(struct mmc_card *card);
/* return MMC cover switch state, can be NULL if not supported.
* possible return values:
* 0 - closed
* 1 - open
int (*get_cover_state)(struct device *dev, int slot);
const char *name;
u32 ocr_mask;
/* Card detection */
int (*card_detect)(struct device *dev, int slot);
unsigned int ban_openended:1;
extern void omap_mmc_notify_cover_event(struct device *dev, int slot,
int is_closed);