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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0-only */
* sst.h - Intel SST Driver for audio engine
* Copyright (C) 2008-14 Intel Corporation
* Authors: Vinod Koul <>
* Harsha Priya <>
* Dharageswari R <>
* KP Jeeja <>
* ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
* ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
* Common private declarations for SST
#ifndef __SST_H__
#define __SST_H__
#include <linux/firmware.h>
/* driver names */
#define SST_DRV_NAME "intel_sst_driver"
#define SST_MRFLD_PCI_ID 0x119A
#define SST_BYT_ACPI_ID 0x80860F28
#define SST_CHV_ACPI_ID 0x808622A8
#define SST_SUSPEND_DELAY 2000
#define FW_CONTEXT_MEM (64*1024)
#define SST_CONFIG_SSP_SIGN 0x7ffe8001
#define MRFLD_FW_VIRTUAL_BASE 0xC0000000
/* SST Shim register map */
#define SST_CSR 0x00
#define SST_ISRX 0x18
#define SST_IMRX 0x28
#define SST_IPCX 0x38 /* IPC IA -> SST */
#define SST_IPCD 0x40 /* IPC SST -> IA */
extern const struct dev_pm_ops intel_sst_pm;
enum sst_states {
enum sst_algo_ops {
#define SST_BLOCK_TIMEOUT 1000
#define FW_NAME_SIZE 32
/* stream states */
enum sst_stream_states {
STREAM_UN_INIT = 0, /* Freed/Not used stream */
STREAM_RUNNING = 1, /* Running */
STREAM_PAUSED = 2, /* Paused stream */
STREAM_INIT = 3, /* stream init, waiting for data */
enum sst_ram_type {
SST_DDR = 5,
SST_CUSTOM_INFO = 7, /* consists of FW binary information */
/* SST shim registers to structure mapping */
union interrupt_reg {
struct {
u64 done_interrupt:1;
u64 busy_interrupt:1;
u64 rsvd:62;
} part;
u64 full;
union sst_pisr_reg {
struct {
u32 pssp0:1;
u32 pssp1:1;
u32 rsvd0:3;
u32 dmac:1;
u32 rsvd1:26;
} part;
u32 full;
union sst_pimr_reg {
struct {
u32 ssp0:1;
u32 ssp1:1;
u32 rsvd0:3;
u32 dmac:1;
u32 rsvd1:10;
u32 ssp0_sc:1;
u32 ssp1_sc:1;
u32 rsvd2:3;
u32 dmac_sc:1;
u32 rsvd3:10;
} part;
u32 full;
union config_status_reg_mrfld {
struct {
u64 lpe_reset:1;
u64 lpe_reset_vector:1;
u64 runstall:1;
u64 pwaitmode:1;
u64 clk_sel:3;
u64 rsvd2:1;
u64 sst_clk:3;
u64 xt_snoop:1;
u64 rsvd3:4;
u64 clk_sel1:6;
u64 clk_enable:3;
u64 rsvd4:6;
u64 slim0baseclk:1;
u64 rsvd:32;
} part;
u64 full;
union interrupt_reg_mrfld {
struct {
u64 done_interrupt:1;
u64 busy_interrupt:1;
u64 rsvd:62;
} part;
u64 full;
union sst_imr_reg_mrfld {
struct {
u64 done_interrupt:1;
u64 busy_interrupt:1;
u64 rsvd:62;
} part;
u64 full;
* struct sst_block - This structure is used to block a user/fw data call to another
* fw/user call
* @condition: condition for blocking check
* @ret_code: ret code when block is released
* @data: data ptr
* @size: size of data
* @on: block condition
* @msg_id: msg_id = msgid in mfld/ctp, mrfld = NULL
* @drv_id: str_id in mfld/ctp, = drv_id in mrfld
* @node: list head node
struct sst_block {
bool condition;
int ret_code;
void *data;
u32 size;
bool on;
u32 msg_id;
u32 drv_id;
struct list_head node;
* struct stream_info - structure that holds the stream information
* @status : stream current state
* @prev : stream prev state
* @resume_status : stream current state to restore on resume
* @resume_prev : stream prev state to restore on resume
* @lock : stream mutex for protecting state
* @alloc_param : parameters used for stream (re-)allocation
* @pcm_substream : PCM substream
* @period_elapsed : PCM period elapsed callback
* @sfreq : stream sampling freq
* @cumm_bytes : cummulative bytes decoded
struct stream_info {
unsigned int status;
unsigned int prev;
unsigned int resume_status;
unsigned int resume_prev;
struct mutex lock;
struct snd_sst_alloc_mrfld alloc_param;
void *pcm_substream;
void (*period_elapsed)(void *pcm_substream);
unsigned int sfreq;
u32 cumm_bytes;
void *compr_cb_param;
void (*compr_cb)(void *compr_cb_param);
void *drain_cb_param;
void (*drain_notify)(void *drain_cb_param);
unsigned int num_ch;
unsigned int pipe_id;
unsigned int task_id;
#define SST_FW_SIGN "$SST"
#define SST_FW_LIB_SIGN "$LIB"
* struct sst_fw_header - FW file headers
* @signature : FW signature
* @file_size: size of fw image
* @modules : # of modules
* @file_format : version of header format
* @reserved : reserved fields
struct sst_fw_header {
unsigned char signature[FW_SIGNATURE_SIZE];
u32 file_size;
u32 modules;
u32 file_format;
u32 reserved[4];
* struct fw_module_header - module header in FW
* @signature: module signature
* @mod_size: size of module
* @blocks: block count
* @type: block type
* @entry_point: module netry point
struct fw_module_header {
unsigned char signature[FW_SIGNATURE_SIZE];
u32 mod_size;
u32 blocks;
u32 type;
u32 entry_point;
* struct fw_block_info - block header for FW
* @type: block ram type I/D
* @size: size of block
* @ram_offset: offset in ram
struct fw_block_info {
enum sst_ram_type type;
u32 size;
u32 ram_offset;
u32 rsvd;
struct sst_runtime_param {
struct snd_sst_runtime_params param;
struct sst_sg_list {
struct scatterlist *src;
struct scatterlist *dst;
int list_len;
unsigned int sg_idx;
struct sst_memcpy_list {
struct list_head memcpylist;
void *dstn;
const void *src;
u32 size;
bool is_io;
/*Firmware Module Information*/
enum sst_lib_dwnld_status {
struct sst_module_info {
const char *name; /*Library name*/
u32 id; /*Module ID*/
u32 entry_pt; /*Module entry point*/
u8 status; /*module status*/
u8 rsvd1;
u16 rsvd2;
* Structure for managing the Library Region(1.5MB)
* in DDR in Merrifield
struct sst_mem_mgr {
phys_addr_t current_base;
int avail;
unsigned int count;
struct sst_ipc_reg {
int ipcx;
int ipcd;
struct sst_fw_save {
void *iram; /* allocated via kvmalloc() */
void *dram; /* allocated via kvmalloc() */
void *sram; /* allocated via kvmalloc() */
void *ddr; /* allocated via kvmalloc() */
* struct intel_sst_drv - driver ops
* @sst_state : current sst device state
* @dev_id : device identifier, pci_id for pci devices and acpi_id for acpi
* devices
* @shim : SST shim pointer
* @mailbox : SST mailbox pointer
* @iram : SST IRAM pointer
* @dram : SST DRAM pointer
* @pdata : SST info passed as a part of pci platform data
* @shim_phy_add : SST shim phy addr
* @ipc_dispatch_list : ipc messages dispatched
* @rx_list : to copy the process_reply/process_msg from DSP
* @ipc_post_msg_wq : wq to post IPC messages context
* @mad_ops : MAD driver operations registered
* @mad_wq : MAD driver wq
* @post_msg_wq : wq to post IPC messages
* @streams : sst stream contexts
* @list_lock : sst driver list lock (deprecated)
* @ipc_spin_lock : spin lock to handle audio shim access and ipc queue
* @block_lock : spin lock to add block to block_list and assign pvt_id
* @rx_msg_lock : spin lock to handle the rx messages from the DSP
* @scard_ops : sst card ops
* @pci : sst pci device struture
* @dev : pointer to current device struct
* @sst_lock : sst device lock
* @pvt_id : sst private id
* @stream_cnt : total sst active stream count
* @pb_streams : total active pb streams
* @cp_streams : total active cp streams
* @audio_start : audio status
* @qos : PM Qos struct
* firmware_name : Firmware / Library name
struct intel_sst_drv {
int sst_state;
int irq_num;
unsigned int dev_id;
void __iomem *ddr;
void __iomem *shim;
void __iomem *mailbox;
void __iomem *iram;
void __iomem *dram;
unsigned int mailbox_add;
unsigned int iram_base;
unsigned int dram_base;
unsigned int shim_phy_add;
unsigned int iram_end;
unsigned int dram_end;
unsigned int ddr_end;
unsigned int ddr_base;
unsigned int mailbox_recv_offset;
struct list_head block_list;
struct list_head ipc_dispatch_list;
struct sst_platform_info *pdata;
struct list_head rx_list;
struct work_struct ipc_post_msg_wq;
wait_queue_head_t wait_queue;
struct workqueue_struct *post_msg_wq;
unsigned int tstamp;
/* str_id 0 is not used */
struct stream_info streams[MAX_NUM_STREAMS+1];
spinlock_t ipc_spin_lock;
spinlock_t block_lock;
spinlock_t rx_msg_lock;
struct pci_dev *pci;
struct device *dev;
volatile long unsigned pvt_id;
struct mutex sst_lock;
unsigned int stream_cnt;
unsigned int csr_value;
void *fw_in_mem;
struct sst_sg_list fw_sg_list, library_list;
struct intel_sst_ops *ops;
struct sst_info info;
struct pm_qos_request *qos;
unsigned int use_dma;
unsigned int use_lli;
atomic_t fw_clear_context;
bool lib_dwnld_reqd;
struct list_head memcpy_list;
struct sst_ipc_reg ipc_reg;
struct sst_mem_mgr lib_mem_mgr;
* Holder for firmware name. Due to async call it needs to be
* persistent till worker thread gets called
char firmware_name[FW_NAME_SIZE];
struct snd_sst_fw_version fw_version;
struct sst_fw_save *fw_save;
/* misc definitions */
#define FW_DWNL_ID 0x01
struct intel_sst_ops {
irqreturn_t (*interrupt)(int, void *);
irqreturn_t (*irq_thread)(int, void *);
void (*clear_interrupt)(struct intel_sst_drv *ctx);
int (*start)(struct intel_sst_drv *ctx);
int (*reset)(struct intel_sst_drv *ctx);
void (*process_reply)(struct intel_sst_drv *ctx, struct ipc_post *msg);
int (*post_message)(struct intel_sst_drv *ctx,
struct ipc_post *msg, bool sync);
void (*process_message)(struct ipc_post *msg);
void (*set_bypass)(bool set);
int (*save_dsp_context)(struct intel_sst_drv *sst);
void (*restore_dsp_context)(void);
int (*alloc_stream)(struct intel_sst_drv *ctx, void *params);
void (*post_download)(struct intel_sst_drv *sst);
int sst_realloc_stream(struct intel_sst_drv *sst_drv_ctx, int str_id);
int sst_pause_stream(struct intel_sst_drv *sst_drv_ctx, int str_id);
int sst_resume_stream(struct intel_sst_drv *sst_drv_ctx, int str_id);
int sst_drop_stream(struct intel_sst_drv *sst_drv_ctx, int str_id);
int sst_free_stream(struct intel_sst_drv *sst_drv_ctx, int str_id);
int sst_start_stream(struct intel_sst_drv *sst_drv_ctx, int str_id);
int sst_send_byte_stream_mrfld(struct intel_sst_drv *sst_drv_ctx,
struct snd_sst_bytes_v2 *bytes);
int sst_set_stream_param(int str_id, struct snd_sst_params *str_param);
int sst_set_metadata(int str_id, char *params);
int sst_get_stream(struct intel_sst_drv *ctx,
struct snd_sst_params *str_param);
int sst_get_stream_allocated(struct intel_sst_drv *ctx,
struct snd_sst_params *str_param,
struct snd_sst_lib_download **lib_dnld);
int sst_drain_stream(struct intel_sst_drv *sst_drv_ctx,
int str_id, bool partial_drain);
int sst_post_message_mrfld(struct intel_sst_drv *sst_drv_ctx,
struct ipc_post *ipc_msg, bool sync);
void sst_process_reply_mrfld(struct intel_sst_drv *sst_drv_ctx, struct ipc_post *msg);
int sst_start_mrfld(struct intel_sst_drv *sst_drv_ctx);
int intel_sst_reset_dsp_mrfld(struct intel_sst_drv *sst_drv_ctx);
void intel_sst_clear_intr_mrfld(struct intel_sst_drv *sst_drv_ctx);
int sst_load_fw(struct intel_sst_drv *sst_drv_ctx);
int sst_load_library(struct snd_sst_lib_download *lib, u8 ops);
void sst_post_download_mrfld(struct intel_sst_drv *ctx);
int sst_get_block_stream(struct intel_sst_drv *sst_drv_ctx);
void sst_memcpy_free_resources(struct intel_sst_drv *sst_drv_ctx);
int sst_wait_interruptible(struct intel_sst_drv *sst_drv_ctx,
struct sst_block *block);
int sst_wait_timeout(struct intel_sst_drv *sst_drv_ctx,
struct sst_block *block);
int sst_create_ipc_msg(struct ipc_post **arg, bool large);
int free_stream_context(struct intel_sst_drv *ctx, unsigned int str_id);
void sst_clean_stream(struct stream_info *stream);
int intel_sst_register_compress(struct intel_sst_drv *sst);
int intel_sst_remove_compress(struct intel_sst_drv *sst);
void sst_cdev_fragment_elapsed(struct intel_sst_drv *ctx, int str_id);
int sst_send_sync_msg(int ipc, int str_id);
int sst_get_num_channel(struct snd_sst_params *str_param);
int sst_get_sfreq(struct snd_sst_params *str_param);
int sst_alloc_stream_mrfld(struct intel_sst_drv *sst_drv_ctx, void *params);
void sst_restore_fw_context(void);
struct sst_block *sst_create_block(struct intel_sst_drv *ctx,
u32 msg_id, u32 drv_id);
int sst_create_block_and_ipc_msg(struct ipc_post **arg, bool large,
struct intel_sst_drv *sst_drv_ctx, struct sst_block **block,
u32 msg_id, u32 drv_id);
int sst_free_block(struct intel_sst_drv *ctx, struct sst_block *freed);
int sst_wake_up_block(struct intel_sst_drv *ctx, int result,
u32 drv_id, u32 ipc, void *data, u32 size);
int sst_request_firmware_async(struct intel_sst_drv *ctx);
int sst_driver_ops(struct intel_sst_drv *sst);
struct sst_platform_info *sst_get_acpi_driver_data(const char *hid);
void sst_firmware_load_cb(const struct firmware *fw, void *context);
int sst_prepare_and_post_msg(struct intel_sst_drv *sst,
int task_id, int ipc_msg, int cmd_id, int pipe_id,
size_t mbox_data_len, const void *mbox_data, void **data,
bool large, bool fill_dsp, bool sync, bool response);
void sst_process_pending_msg(struct work_struct *work);
int sst_assign_pvt_id(struct intel_sst_drv *drv);
int sst_validate_strid(struct intel_sst_drv *sst_drv_ctx, int str_id);
struct stream_info *get_stream_info(struct intel_sst_drv *sst_drv_ctx,
int str_id);
int get_stream_id_mrfld(struct intel_sst_drv *sst_drv_ctx,
u32 pipe_id);
u32 relocate_imr_addr_mrfld(u32 base_addr);
void sst_add_to_dispatch_list_and_post(struct intel_sst_drv *sst,
struct ipc_post *msg);
int sst_pm_runtime_put(struct intel_sst_drv *sst_drv);
int sst_shim_write(void __iomem *addr, int offset, int value);
u32 sst_shim_read(void __iomem *addr, int offset);
u64 sst_reg_read64(void __iomem *addr, int offset);
int sst_shim_write64(void __iomem *addr, int offset, u64 value);
u64 sst_shim_read64(void __iomem *addr, int offset);
void sst_set_fw_state_locked(
struct intel_sst_drv *sst_drv_ctx, int sst_state);
void sst_fill_header_mrfld(union ipc_header_mrfld *header,
int msg, int task_id, int large, int drv_id);
void sst_fill_header_dsp(struct ipc_dsp_hdr *dsp, int msg,
int pipe_id, int len);
int sst_register(struct device *);
int sst_unregister(struct device *);
int sst_alloc_drv_context(struct intel_sst_drv **ctx,
struct device *dev, unsigned int dev_id);
int sst_context_init(struct intel_sst_drv *ctx);
void sst_context_cleanup(struct intel_sst_drv *ctx);
void sst_configure_runtime_pm(struct intel_sst_drv *ctx);
void memcpy32_toio(void __iomem *dst, const void *src, int count);
void memcpy32_fromio(void *dst, const void __iomem *src, int count);