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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0 */
/* Copyright (c) 2019 HiSilicon Limited. */
#ifndef __HISI_SEC_V2_H
#define __HISI_SEC_V2_H
#include "../qm.h"
#include "sec_crypto.h"
/* Algorithm resource per hardware SEC queue */
struct sec_alg_res {
u8 *pbuf;
dma_addr_t pbuf_dma;
u8 *c_ivin;
dma_addr_t c_ivin_dma;
u8 *a_ivin;
dma_addr_t a_ivin_dma;
u8 *out_mac;
dma_addr_t out_mac_dma;
/* Cipher request of SEC private */
struct sec_cipher_req {
struct hisi_acc_hw_sgl *c_out;
dma_addr_t c_out_dma;
u8 *c_ivin;
dma_addr_t c_ivin_dma;
struct skcipher_request *sk_req;
u32 c_len;
bool encrypt;
struct sec_aead_req {
u8 *out_mac;
dma_addr_t out_mac_dma;
u8 *a_ivin;
dma_addr_t a_ivin_dma;
struct aead_request *aead_req;
/* SEC request of Crypto */
struct sec_req {
union {
struct sec_sqe sec_sqe;
struct sec_sqe3 sec_sqe3;
struct sec_ctx *ctx;
struct sec_qp_ctx *qp_ctx;
* Common parameter of the SEC request.
struct hisi_acc_hw_sgl *in;
dma_addr_t in_dma;
struct sec_cipher_req c_req;
struct sec_aead_req aead_req;
struct list_head backlog_head;
int err_type;
int req_id;
u32 flag;
/* Status of the SEC request */
bool fake_busy;
bool use_pbuf;
* struct sec_req_op - Operations for SEC request
* @buf_map: DMA map the SGL buffers of the request
* @buf_unmap: DMA unmap the SGL buffers of the request
* @bd_fill: Fill the SEC queue BD
* @bd_send: Send the SEC BD into the hardware queue
* @callback: Call back for the request
* @process: Main processing logic of Skcipher
struct sec_req_op {
int (*buf_map)(struct sec_ctx *ctx, struct sec_req *req);
void (*buf_unmap)(struct sec_ctx *ctx, struct sec_req *req);
void (*do_transfer)(struct sec_ctx *ctx, struct sec_req *req);
int (*bd_fill)(struct sec_ctx *ctx, struct sec_req *req);
int (*bd_send)(struct sec_ctx *ctx, struct sec_req *req);
void (*callback)(struct sec_ctx *ctx, struct sec_req *req, int err);
int (*process)(struct sec_ctx *ctx, struct sec_req *req);
/* SEC auth context */
struct sec_auth_ctx {
dma_addr_t a_key_dma;
u8 *a_key;
u8 a_key_len;
u8 mac_len;
u8 a_alg;
bool fallback;
struct crypto_shash *hash_tfm;
struct crypto_aead *fallback_aead_tfm;
/* SEC cipher context which cipher's relatives */
struct sec_cipher_ctx {
u8 *c_key;
dma_addr_t c_key_dma;
sector_t iv_offset;
u32 c_gran_size;
u32 ivsize;
u8 c_mode;
u8 c_alg;
u8 c_key_len;
/* add software support */
bool fallback;
struct crypto_sync_skcipher *fbtfm;
/* SEC queue context which defines queue's relatives */
struct sec_qp_ctx {
struct hisi_qp *qp;
struct sec_req *req_list[QM_Q_DEPTH];
struct idr req_idr;
struct sec_alg_res res[QM_Q_DEPTH];
struct sec_ctx *ctx;
struct mutex req_lock;
struct list_head backlog;
struct hisi_acc_sgl_pool *c_in_pool;
struct hisi_acc_sgl_pool *c_out_pool;
enum sec_alg_type {
/* SEC Crypto TFM context which defines queue and cipher .etc relatives */
struct sec_ctx {
struct sec_qp_ctx *qp_ctx;
struct sec_dev *sec;
const struct sec_req_op *req_op;
struct hisi_qp **qps;
/* Half queues for encipher, and half for decipher */
u32 hlf_q_num;
/* Threshold for fake busy, trigger to return -EBUSY to user */
u32 fake_req_limit;
/* Currrent cyclic index to select a queue for encipher */
atomic_t enc_qcyclic;
/* Currrent cyclic index to select a queue for decipher */
atomic_t dec_qcyclic;
enum sec_alg_type alg_type;
bool pbuf_supported;
struct sec_cipher_ctx c_ctx;
struct sec_auth_ctx a_ctx;
u8 type_supported;
struct device *dev;
enum sec_debug_file_index {
struct sec_debug_file {
enum sec_debug_file_index index;
spinlock_t lock;
struct hisi_qm *qm;
struct sec_dfx {
atomic64_t send_cnt;
atomic64_t recv_cnt;
atomic64_t send_busy_cnt;
atomic64_t recv_busy_cnt;
atomic64_t err_bd_cnt;
atomic64_t invalid_req_cnt;
atomic64_t done_flag_cnt;
struct sec_debug {
struct sec_dfx dfx;
struct sec_debug_file files[SEC_DEBUG_FILE_NUM];
struct sec_dev {
struct hisi_qm qm;
struct sec_debug debug;
u32 ctx_q_num;
bool iommu_used;
void sec_destroy_qps(struct hisi_qp **qps, int qp_num);
struct hisi_qp **sec_create_qps(void);
int sec_register_to_crypto(struct hisi_qm *qm);
void sec_unregister_from_crypto(struct hisi_qm *qm);