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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0 */
#ifndef _UDF_I_H
#define _UDF_I_H
struct extent_position {
struct buffer_head *bh;
uint32_t offset;
struct kernel_lb_addr block;
struct udf_ext_cache {
/* Extent position */
struct extent_position epos;
/* Start logical offset in bytes */
loff_t lstart;
* The i_data_sem and i_mutex serve for protection of allocation information
* of a regular files and symlinks. This includes all extents belonging to
* the file/symlink, a fact whether data are in-inode or in external data
* blocks, preallocation, goal block information... When extents are read,
* i_mutex or i_data_sem must be held (for reading is enough in case of
* i_data_sem). When extents are changed, i_data_sem must be held for writing
* and also i_mutex must be held.
* For directories i_mutex is used for all the necessary protection.
struct udf_inode_info {
struct timespec64 i_crtime;
/* Physical address of inode */
struct kernel_lb_addr i_location;
__u64 i_unique;
__u32 i_lenEAttr;
__u32 i_lenAlloc;
__u64 i_lenExtents;
__u32 i_next_alloc_block;
__u32 i_next_alloc_goal;
__u32 i_checkpoint;
__u32 i_extraPerms;
unsigned i_alloc_type : 3;
unsigned i_efe : 1; /* extendedFileEntry */
unsigned i_use : 1; /* unallocSpaceEntry */
unsigned i_strat4096 : 1;
unsigned i_streamdir : 1;
unsigned reserved : 25;
__u8 *i_data;
struct kernel_lb_addr i_locStreamdir;
__u64 i_lenStreams;
struct rw_semaphore i_data_sem;
struct udf_ext_cache cached_extent;
/* Spinlock for protecting extent cache */
spinlock_t i_extent_cache_lock;
struct inode vfs_inode;
static inline struct udf_inode_info *UDF_I(struct inode *inode)
return container_of(inode, struct udf_inode_info, vfs_inode);
#endif /* _UDF_I_H) */