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tep_load_plugins, tep_unload_plugins, tep_load_plugins_hook - Load / unload traceevent plugins.
*#include <event-parse.h>*
struct tep_plugin_list pass:[*]*tep_load_plugins*(struct tep_handle pass:[*]_tep_);
void *tep_unload_plugins*(struct tep_plugin_list pass:[*]_plugin_list_, struct tep_handle pass:[*]_tep_);
void *tep_load_plugins_hook*(struct tep_handle pass:[*]_tep_, const char pass:[*]_suffix_,
void (pass:[*]_load_plugin_)(struct tep_handle pass:[*]tep,
const char pass:[*]path,
const char pass:[*]name,
void pass:[*]data),
void pass:[*]_data_);
The _tep_load_plugins()_ function loads all plugins, located in the plugin
directories. The _tep_ argument is trace event parser context.
The plugin directories are :
- Directories, specified in _tep_->plugins_dir with priority TEP_PLUGIN_FIRST
- System's plugin directory, defined at the library compile time. It
depends on the library installation prefix and usually is
- Directory, defined by the environment variable _TRACEEVENT_PLUGIN_DIR_
- User's plugin directory, located at _~/.local/lib/traceevent/plugins_
- Directories, specified in _tep_->plugins_dir with priority TEP_PLUGIN_LAST
Loading of plugins can be controlled by the _tep_flags_, using the
_tep_set_flag()_ API:
_TEP_DISABLE_SYS_PLUGINS_ - do not load plugins, located in
the system's plugin directory.
_TEP_DISABLE_PLUGINS_ - do not load any plugins.
The _tep_set_flag()_ API needs to be called before _tep_load_plugins()_, if
loading of all plugins is not the desired case.
The _tep_unload_plugins()_ function unloads the plugins, previously loaded by
_tep_load_plugins()_. The _tep_ argument is trace event parser context. The
_plugin_list_ is the list of loaded plugins, returned by
the _tep_load_plugins()_ function.
The _tep_load_plugins_hook_ function walks through all directories with plugins
and calls user specified _load_plugin()_ hook for each plugin file. Only files
with given _suffix_ are considered to be plugins. The _data_ is a user specified
context, passed to _load_plugin()_. Directories and the walk order are the same
as in _tep_load_plugins()_ API.
The _tep_load_plugins()_ function returns a list of successfully loaded plugins,
or NULL in case no plugins are loaded.
#include <event-parse.h>
struct tep_handle *tep = tep_alloc();
struct tep_plugin_list *plugins = tep_load_plugins(tep);
if (plugins == NULL) {
/* no plugins are loaded */
tep_unload_plugins(plugins, tep);
void print_plugin(struct tep_handle *tep, const char *path,
const char *name, void *data)
pritnf("Found libtraceevent plugin %s/%s\n", path, name);
tep_load_plugins_hook(tep, ".so", print_plugin, NULL);
Header file to include in order to have access to the library APIs.
Linker switch to add when building a program that uses the library.
_libtraceevent(3)_, _trace-cmd(1)_, _tep_set_flag(3)_
*Steven Rostedt* <>, author of *libtraceevent*.
*Tzvetomir Stoyanov* <>, author of this man page.
Report bugs to <>
libtraceevent is Free Software licensed under the GNU LGPL 2.1