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# SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0
# Test one of the main kernel Makefile targets to generate a perf sources tarball
# suitable for build outside the full kernel sources.
# This is to test that the tools/perf/MANIFEST file lists all the files needed to
# be in such tarball, which sometimes gets broken when we move files around,
# like when we made some files that were in tools/perf/ available to other tools/
# codebases by moving it to tools/include/, etc.
cd ${PERF}/../..
make perf-targz-src-pkg > /dev/null
TARBALL=$(ls -rt perf-*.tar.gz)
TMP_DEST=$(mktemp -d)
tar xf ${TARBALL} -C $TMP_DEST
rm -f ${TARBALL}
cd - > /dev/null
make -C $TMP_DEST/perf*/tools/perf > /dev/null
rm -rf ${TMP_DEST}
exit $RC