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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0 */
#include <linux/list.h>
#include <linux/rbtree.h>
#include "map_symbol.h"
#include "branch.h"
struct addr_location;
struct evsel;
struct ip_callchain;
struct map;
struct perf_sample;
struct thread;
struct hists;
#define HELP_PAD "\t\t\t\t"
#define CALLCHAIN_HELP "setup and enables call-graph (stack chain/backtrace):\n\n"
# define RECORD_MODE_HELP HELP_PAD "record_mode:\tcall graph recording mode (fp|dwarf|lbr)\n"
HELP_PAD "record_size:\tif record_mode is 'dwarf', max size of stack recording (<bytes>)\n" \
HELP_PAD "\t\tdefault: 8192 (bytes)\n"
HELP_PAD "print_type:\tcall graph printing style (graph|flat|fractal|folded|none)\n" \
HELP_PAD "threshold:\tminimum call graph inclusion threshold (<percent>)\n" \
HELP_PAD "print_limit:\tmaximum number of call graph entry (<number>)\n" \
HELP_PAD "order:\t\tcall graph order (caller|callee)\n" \
HELP_PAD "sort_key:\tcall graph sort key (function|address)\n" \
HELP_PAD "branch:\t\tinclude last branch info to call graph (branch)\n" \
HELP_PAD "value:\t\tcall graph value (percent|period|count)\n"
enum perf_call_graph_mode {
enum chain_mode {
enum chain_order {
struct callchain_node {
struct callchain_node *parent;
struct list_head val;
struct list_head parent_val;
struct rb_node rb_node_in; /* to insert nodes in an rbtree */
struct rb_node rb_node; /* to sort nodes in an output tree */
struct rb_root rb_root_in; /* input tree of children */
struct rb_root rb_root; /* sorted output tree of children */
unsigned int val_nr;
unsigned int count;
unsigned int children_count;
u64 hit;
u64 children_hit;
struct callchain_root {
u64 max_depth;
struct callchain_node node;
struct callchain_param;
typedef void (*sort_chain_func_t)(struct rb_root *, struct callchain_root *,
u64, struct callchain_param *);
enum chain_key {
enum chain_value {
extern bool dwarf_callchain_users;
struct callchain_param {
bool enabled;
enum perf_call_graph_mode record_mode;
u32 dump_size;
enum chain_mode mode;
u16 max_stack;
u32 print_limit;
double min_percent;
sort_chain_func_t sort;
enum chain_order order;
bool order_set;
enum chain_key key;
bool branch_callstack;
enum chain_value value;
extern struct callchain_param callchain_param;
extern struct callchain_param callchain_param_default;
struct callchain_list {
u64 ip;
struct map_symbol ms;
struct /* for TUI */ {
bool unfolded;
bool has_children;
u64 branch_count;
u64 from_count;
u64 predicted_count;
u64 abort_count;
u64 cycles_count;
u64 iter_count;
u64 iter_cycles;
struct branch_type_stat brtype_stat;
const char *srcline;
struct list_head list;
* A callchain cursor is a single linked list that
* let one feed a callchain progressively.
* It keeps persistent allocated entries to minimize
* allocations.
struct callchain_cursor_node {
u64 ip;
struct map_symbol ms;
const char *srcline;
/* Indicate valid cursor node for LBR stitch */
bool valid;
bool branch;
struct branch_flags branch_flags;
u64 branch_from;
int nr_loop_iter;
u64 iter_cycles;
struct callchain_cursor_node *next;
struct stitch_list {
struct list_head node;
struct callchain_cursor_node cursor;
struct callchain_cursor {
u64 nr;
struct callchain_cursor_node *first;
struct callchain_cursor_node **last;
u64 pos;
struct callchain_cursor_node *curr;
extern __thread struct callchain_cursor callchain_cursor;
static inline void callchain_init(struct callchain_root *root)
root->node.parent = NULL;
root->node.hit = 0;
root->node.children_hit = 0;
root->node.rb_root_in = RB_ROOT;
root->max_depth = 0;
static inline u64 callchain_cumul_hits(struct callchain_node *node)
return node->hit + node->children_hit;
static inline unsigned callchain_cumul_counts(struct callchain_node *node)
return node->count + node->children_count;
int callchain_register_param(struct callchain_param *param);
int callchain_append(struct callchain_root *root,
struct callchain_cursor *cursor,
u64 period);
int callchain_merge(struct callchain_cursor *cursor,
struct callchain_root *dst, struct callchain_root *src);
void callchain_cursor_reset(struct callchain_cursor *cursor);
int callchain_cursor_append(struct callchain_cursor *cursor, u64 ip,
struct map_symbol *ms,
bool branch, struct branch_flags *flags,
int nr_loop_iter, u64 iter_cycles, u64 branch_from,
const char *srcline);
/* Close a cursor writing session. Initialize for the reader */
static inline void callchain_cursor_commit(struct callchain_cursor *cursor)
cursor->curr = cursor->first;
cursor->pos = 0;
/* Cursor reading iteration helpers */
static inline struct callchain_cursor_node *
callchain_cursor_current(struct callchain_cursor *cursor)
if (cursor->pos == cursor->nr)
return NULL;
return cursor->curr;
static inline void callchain_cursor_advance(struct callchain_cursor *cursor)
cursor->curr = cursor->curr->next;
int callchain_cursor__copy(struct callchain_cursor *dst,
struct callchain_cursor *src);
struct option;
struct hist_entry;
int record_parse_callchain_opt(const struct option *opt, const char *arg, int unset);
int record_callchain_opt(const struct option *opt, const char *arg, int unset);
struct record_opts;
int record_opts__parse_callchain(struct record_opts *record,
struct callchain_param *callchain,
const char *arg, bool unset);
int sample__resolve_callchain(struct perf_sample *sample,
struct callchain_cursor *cursor, struct symbol **parent,
struct evsel *evsel, struct addr_location *al,
int max_stack);
int hist_entry__append_callchain(struct hist_entry *he, struct perf_sample *sample);
int fill_callchain_info(struct addr_location *al, struct callchain_cursor_node *node,
bool hide_unresolved);
extern const char record_callchain_help[];
int parse_callchain_record(const char *arg, struct callchain_param *param);
int parse_callchain_record_opt(const char *arg, struct callchain_param *param);
int parse_callchain_report_opt(const char *arg);
int parse_callchain_top_opt(const char *arg);
int perf_callchain_config(const char *var, const char *value);
static inline void callchain_cursor_snapshot(struct callchain_cursor *dest,
struct callchain_cursor *src)
*dest = *src;
dest->first = src->curr;
dest->nr -= src->pos;
int arch_skip_callchain_idx(struct thread *thread, struct ip_callchain *chain);
static inline int arch_skip_callchain_idx(struct thread *thread __maybe_unused,
struct ip_callchain *chain __maybe_unused)
return -1;
char *callchain_list__sym_name(struct callchain_list *cl,
char *bf, size_t bfsize, bool show_dso);
char *callchain_node__scnprintf_value(struct callchain_node *node,
char *bf, size_t bfsize, u64 total);
int callchain_node__fprintf_value(struct callchain_node *node,
FILE *fp, u64 total);
int callchain_list_counts__printf_value(struct callchain_list *clist,
FILE *fp, char *bf, int bfsize);
void free_callchain(struct callchain_root *root);
void decay_callchain(struct callchain_root *root);
int callchain_node__make_parent_list(struct callchain_node *node);
int callchain_branch_counts(struct callchain_root *root,
u64 *branch_count, u64 *predicted_count,
u64 *abort_count, u64 *cycles_count);
void callchain_param_setup(u64 sample_type);
bool callchain_cnode_matched(struct callchain_node *base_cnode,
struct callchain_node *pair_cnode);
u64 callchain_total_hits(struct hists *hists);
s64 callchain_avg_cycles(struct callchain_node *cnode);
#endif /* __PERF_CALLCHAIN_H */