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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0 */
#ifndef PARSE_CTX_H
#define PARSE_CTX_H 1
// There are fixes that need to land upstream before we can use libbpf's headers,
// for now use our copy unconditionally, since the data structures at this point
// are exactly the same, no problem.
//#include <bpf/hashmap.h>
#include "util/hashmap.h"
struct metric_ref;
struct expr_parse_ctx {
struct hashmap *ids;
int runtime;
struct expr_id_data;
struct expr_scanner_ctx {
int runtime;
struct hashmap *ids__new(void);
void ids__free(struct hashmap *ids);
int ids__insert(struct hashmap *ids, const char *id);
* Union two sets of ids (hashmaps) and construct a third, freeing ids1 and
* ids2.
struct hashmap *ids__union(struct hashmap *ids1, struct hashmap *ids2);
struct expr_parse_ctx *expr__ctx_new(void);
void expr__ctx_clear(struct expr_parse_ctx *ctx);
void expr__ctx_free(struct expr_parse_ctx *ctx);
void expr__del_id(struct expr_parse_ctx *ctx, const char *id);
int expr__add_id(struct expr_parse_ctx *ctx, const char *id);
int expr__add_id_val(struct expr_parse_ctx *ctx, const char *id, double val);
int expr__add_id_val_source_count(struct expr_parse_ctx *ctx, const char *id,
double val, int source_count);
int expr__add_ref(struct expr_parse_ctx *ctx, struct metric_ref *ref);
int expr__get_id(struct expr_parse_ctx *ctx, const char *id,
struct expr_id_data **data);
bool expr__subset_of_ids(struct expr_parse_ctx *haystack,
struct expr_parse_ctx *needles);
int expr__resolve_id(struct expr_parse_ctx *ctx, const char *id,
struct expr_id_data **datap);
int expr__parse(double *final_val, struct expr_parse_ctx *ctx,
const char *expr);
int expr__find_ids(const char *expr, const char *one,
struct expr_parse_ctx *ids);
double expr_id_data__value(const struct expr_id_data *data);
double expr_id_data__source_count(const struct expr_id_data *data);
double expr__get_literal(const char *literal);